The Rise of Crematoriums and the Reasons Behind Such Emergence

7bIn the midst of a dwindling economy that got us all affected in a global scale, it does not come as a surprise that people all over the world have become very frugal. The prices of commodities that continue to rise each and every day has propelled consumers to consider any alternatives where they can reduce the cost of their expenditures. Nowadays, the cheaper an item is, the better. And in this case, cremation services are no exception. Read the rest of this article to find out more about it.

There have been numerous statistics drawn out from researches implying that the rates for basic cremation have risen in comparison to a full-fledged burial service. Compared to 1985 where cremation rates are at around 15%, people and families who preferred to have cremation has now skyrocket to 85%. That is like a quintuple-fold in terms of increase! As a result, the emergence of crematoriums have been more rampant than that of traditional funeral homes. Several reasons can be attributed as to why this change in preference took place. Here are some of them:

Lower cost – This perhaps is the top reason for the sudden popularity of cremation. An article published online has indicated that the total cost of a cremation is six times less than that of a traditional burial. Even cremation urns can be purchased online and that would significantly reduce the cost.

Spiritual value – Other religions prefer to go to crematorium for their funeral services because it coincides with their beliefs. Religions like Hinduism believe in this process because they see the act as a way of helping the soul of the deceased body to transcend to his or her next phase in their lives.

Environmental impact – Crematoriums have this advantage because they need not to occupy pieces of land to accommodate the deceased person. Some areas may need to be trimmed of trees when using burial lots and this may have an untoward effect to the environment.

With the rising popularity of cremation homes over burials, it is still up to the family as to what kind of memorial service they wish to conduct. As long as it fits their preference and they are comfortable with it, cremation and burials do not pose any problems.

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