Making your final wishes before you go

6151532192_2f41400865The cycle of life is very inevitable. At one point, we can be full of vitality but on another, everything that we have might just suddenly come to a conclusion. This is a reality that may be difficult to accept but acknowledging it is the best way to cope up with the sad event when it becomes an actuality.

One of the most affected people when a person passes away would of course be the family. This is the institution where the said person began his or her journey in life. Our families have been witnesses to every success, failure, happiness, or sadness that we have encountered. They are the ones who backed us up in every endeavor, picked us up from each falling out, and cheered us on for every trial. They are an essential part of one’s existence and without them, everything that we are and we have become would not take place at all.

Somehow, life has a way of telling us when our story is about to end. There are signs that just pop out of nowhere and they remind us to do all the things that we need to do before we come to a close. With that said, it is important to prepare not only yourself but the family that you are possibly leaving behind. This does not imply the loss of hope though – rather it should be seen as a way of being in touch with the reality that some things may happen that is beyond our control.

So, what should be the “talk” all about? Something of such nature has a wide coverage. Practically speaking, you can remind them of the things that need to be attended prior the said event. It could be something to do with cremation services, insurance, and other documentations that need furnishing. These are important just as any other things as they can help in securing your family’s future.

But more than material things, what’s more important is the emotional bond between you and your family. Remind them of how you love them – that you will always care even after you have left them physically. For any other altercations or problems that need resolving, it is best to patch them up now. It is better to proceed on with your life with a heart less of burdens and with a better outlook of the things to come.