Personalized Cremation Rings

cremation keepsakes torontoAs far as cremation jewelry is concerned, one of the more important considerations for some is how well the urn is concealed within the piece. Although the decision to wear your loved one’s ashes is largely a personal choice, there are still many out there who are shunned by the idea.

Others, especially while in the middle of coping with their loss, would rather not explain the purpose of wearing such jewelry item. Thus, finding the most discreet brooch or pendant will allow them that comfort of having their husband, parent or friend close without calling too much attention.

Among the cremation keepsakes are available in the market, the cremation ring has achieved both style and function at the same time. Within each ring is a small receptacle where you can put in a bit of the ashes and secure it close. You have a variety of attractive designs to choose from that will not give away its hidden compartment. Like any other ring, you can even personalize it with special engravings to remind you of a memorable date or indicate your loved one’s name. With the different metals to choose from, you can even coordinate it with the rest of the jewelry you own.