Common Myths about Cremation

Cremation is quickly becoming the method of choice for families who are trying to handle the remains of their deceased loved ones. Cremation is reportedly cheaper than the traditional burial in terms of overall expenses and it is a little less hassle for families too. But there are still a lot of myths that people believe to be true about cremation services even though they are false.

To give families a better perspective about this type of deceased handling, here are the myths that should be corrected.

  • Cremation limits your creative ideas when planning for a burial. Most people think that cremation can limit your ideas when planning for a formal service for your deceased loved one. This is a total myth because you can still be as creative as you want especially with the actual memorial service. You can even hold a nice memorial before the actual cremation happens so that friends and family can see the body one final time before saying goodbye.
  • Cremation provides no remembrances to the family. This myth should definitely be corrected because once the body has been cremated there are numerous remembrance items that can be made out of the ashes or cremains of the deceased. Families can decide to place the ashes in an urn and bring it home or they can even get a small portion of the ashes and make cremation jewelry that other family members can wear all the time. Numerous choices are available and you can ask your chosen crematorium about other memorabilia too.
  • Cremation means scattering the ashes. The most common myth that people believe about cremation is that the cremated ashes of the deceased will always be thrown and scattered at sea or in other locations. Although scattering ashes is an option, they can also be placed in an urn or even in a vault to be stored in an ash cemetery.