“Wherever You Are” – performed by Celeste Prince

“Wherever You Are” – performed by Celeste Prince

Time has come, what’s done is done
It’s time to move on
To another place, another space, maybe circling some other sun
Don’t ask why, don’t ask how
I still can’t explain
To say goodbye, goodbye for now till I see you again

In the sunlight that’s where I’ll be
In the moon night close your eyes, you will see me
In the sunrise in the twilight I’ll be the morning and the evening star
I will be there with you wherever you are

Life is strange, such joy and pain
The betrayal and the kiss
It maybe meant to be, maybe destiny
Leads us down a path like this
Child is born, true love is sworn
All the in-between
Well you walk on, walk on until the path is gone
Learning love is the only everything

So it’s goodnight, things go wrong
but it’s alright
We’re all just passin’ through here
At the speed of light

 “Wherever You Are” was performed by Celeste Prince and it was written by Krikorian and Klein. The song will be the perfect combination to funeral poems during memorials because of its meaning.

The main theme of the piece is letting go. It talks about life being as unexpected as it is and just accepting what it brings to the table. The song actually has some meaningful lines that depict death as a form of betrayal.

As the line in the song says, “Life is strange, such joy and pain”, this represents the ups and downs of life. You may be spending your time happily with your loved ones in a day and you could suddenly lose one of them the next day.

Although life is unexpected, the song still sees the brighter side of things. We must accept that life is not permanent. And human beings are just walking this path towards another destination.

The moral of the song is in the last paragraph which says that it is okay to make mistakes. Life is full of surprises and you just have to enjoy every single bit of it. Search for other funeral songs at www.songmeanings.net.