Body Buried At Sea

burial servicesHad Scott Lasky of North Carolina requested his family for a basic cremation instead of burial at sea, he would have saved the Fort Lauderdale coast guard and police officers the anxiety. To grant his final wishes, the grocery worker had to be kept in ice while his family drove him to Florida where he had fond memories of their vacations. They then chartered a boat and, together with a pastor, dropped him off a few miles from the beach. An otherwise quiet burial had taken an unfortunate twist when his body resurfaced at the beach and the police had to launch a homicide investigation.

In order for the body to remain at sea in this type of burial, it must be placed inside a steel coffin that sealed and sufficiently weighed down. If you want to prevent a similar occurrence, however, you can opt for cremation services and have your ashes scattered at sea. Aside from the ashes being easier to transport than an actual body, you can help the environment by choosing urns that are biodegradable and will naturally decompose in saltwater.