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Assessing Funeral Home Services

Whether you opt to have a loved one buried or undergo a cremation, you will still have to deal with the funeral home. Even at this time of grief, you will have matters to decide on or attend to so a sympathetic but professional funeral home director can go a long way in assisting you […]

What is Direct Cremation?

Direct cremation, which involves cremating a body immediately after death without having it embalmed or put into a casket, has gained attention of late. Also known as the green cremation, it is said to be more environmentally friendly than regular cremation, which still allows the use of a casket for viewing, or the traditional burial […]

Honoring a loved one with Cremation

The variety of cremation keepsakes offered today may just have tempered the harsh stigma of disrespect attached to cremating a loved one instead of burying them. Wearable urns are designed into pendants and lockets that can be significant to both the deceased and the one left behind. Another practical keepsake is an urn with a […]

Cremation Urns Through the Years

The option of putting loved ones to rest by cremation has long been practiced in different cultures. From the adobe urns of the ancient Greeks to the uniquely fashioned urns made from marble, wood, ceramic, and other materials available today, families continue to honor and cherish the memories of those who passed before them through […]

Is Cremation The Better Way?

Traditional burial is becoming expensive. Many are already feeling the burden of having to shell out thousands of dollars for this. And since many see cremation costs to be more affordable – even as low as $250, then this becomes a more economical choice When you planning for a traditional burial, think about the costs […]

Selecting the Right Urn

When you are tasked to choose among the many cremation urns, you may feel unqualified to do so. And you may be worried how others may think about your choice. After all, these urns are supposed to represent the lives of those who passed away. But don’t worry. There are a lot of options you […]

Writing a Eulogy for a Friend Or Family Member

When a person is asked to write a eulogy, it is during a painful and tumultuous time both for the family of the deceased and for the person writing the eulogy. Though grieving, a person must work through the grief and focus on the honor and responsibility of writing and delivering the eulogy. A eulogy […]

How Does Cremation Work?

Cremation is becoming an increasingly common alternative to traditional burial. It is a simple and dignified process that utilizes heat and flame to reduce a decedent to an ash-like substance which can be then stored in an urn, scattered or buried. The Basics Cremation reduces a deceased’s body to ashes and bone fragments using heat […]