Writing a Eulogy for a Friend Or Family Member

When a person is asked to write a eulogy, it is during a painful and tumultuous time both for the family of the deceased and for the person writing the eulogy. Though grieving, a person must work through the grief and focus on the honor and responsibility of writing and delivering the eulogy.

A eulogy is a tribute and a remembrance to someone who has passed away. Because of this it is both private and public, which means that many people who knew the person well will know a lot of the information being delivered and others will be hearing it for the first time.

Several tips to help write a eulogy for a friend or family member are:

  • Find a quiet place to start your work.
  • Think about the person and the first few things that stand out and come to mind. Jot them down right away.
  • Include the person’s date of birth, place of birth, college, business, wife (if applicable), children, parents, siblings left behind.
  • Talk to other relatives and friends and get their remembrances.
  • Try to the eulogy outline style or with as few words as possible.
  • Practice in front of a mirror and/or with a tape or video recorder so you can see and hear yourself and make any changes that are necessary.
  • If possible, read the final version to a close friend and ask for feedback.

It is important to discuss with the funeral director how much time will be available for the eulogy and what time that will be. Knowing how much time is allotted for the eulogy will allow it to be written to fit into the schedule and to not feel rushed. Find out if there is a little leeway, such as five or ten minutes. Usually this depends upon whether there is another funeral or other type of event following the service that you will be eulogizing.

The only other tip when a person is asked to deliver a eulogy is that it is important to deliver it from the heart. Since the family feels that you are the right person to do this, they are supporting you and giving you a very special privilege. Just be yourself and deliver the eulogy with honesty, humility and grace.

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