Cremation Keepsakes for Infants

cremation servicesHeartbreaking as it may be, the death and subsequent cremation of an infant can happen to any family. Whether the mother has miscarried or had lost the baby though stillbirth or illness, the same agony over the loss will affect her and the family as though a grown person has died. While there may hardly be any memorable experiences with the infant to remember him or her by, the family will still have to deal with the shock and despair over the demise of such a young life.

The coping with these difficult emotions can be eased if there are some tangible items like personalized cremation urns to hold on to and bring home. Child-themed urns like picture frame blocks, cherub pendants, rocking horses, and teddy bear designs are now available as options for the family to choose from. If they prefer the look of the traditional urn, they can inquire about the smaller size version of any urn intended for adults. There is also a vast selection of boxes made from wood, marble, ceramic and brushed steel. Indeed, the industry has gone to such lengths as these to give honor and respect to your loved one who passed away regardless of age.