Death is never an event that we would like to occur all of a sudden. But it would be nice if our wishes and wants for our death be granted. Most especially if it is your wish to be cremated. If so, then it is advisable to start pre-planning your cremation. Consider this as an essential step if you are pushing for this option of rest in your final state.

Things to consider for pre-planning a cremation are as follows: Cremation services, the final place of your remains and what will be the cremation cost.

Cremation services are either done before a body is cremated or after.  Some people would opt to have funeral services prior to the cremation procedure while some would prefer to have the memorial services at a later date. While some, would consider not having any funeral services at all.

As for the final place of your remains, you can have the option of placing your ashes on an urn, be buried in a plot on the ground, be stored in a columbarium niche or be scattered in a place of your choice.

Cremation cost would be much cheaper if a body is directly cremated and memorial services are delayed. It is so since love ones could have the option of choosing a convenient venue. If services are done with a body in a funeral home, the cost are very much comparable. Also, the place of your final remains is also considered when costing for cremation is being talked about. Having your ashes be placed in a columbarium or crematory lot would be more costly since you would be paying for the place and space. Compare that if you would be placing your ashes in an urn at home or, if your ashes are being scattered in the place of your choice.

To make your wishes official and law-abiding, incur the services of a lawyer, in this way, both of you can formulate your own last will and testament and included in that is how you would like to be cremated and how you wish your funeral services would be.

A few things are indeed needed for pre-planning a cremation.  But a well thought of and planned cremation will make things easier when the need arises.