Jacqueline Hayes

It is with great sadness we announce that Jackie passed away peacefully on Wednesday March 26, 2014 at 10:54 at the age of 59.  She passed at the Trillium Hospital in Mississauga after a very long battle of Cancer, Lung and Heart problems. Beloved and devoted wife of 40 years to Fred Hayes. Loved Mother to Stacy Hayes Black & her husband Kevin. Very proud Grama to Joshua Black Cherished Sister to her twin brother John and his daughter Michelle and wife Sandi, William & his wife Sylvia and their children,Kendra, Eric and Caitlin, and her sister Deborah. She will be greatly missed by her family and many friends.  Her unforgettable laugh and smile and huge kind heart.  Her love of all children, her joy for life and helping others. She is in a better place now out of pain, suffering and discomfort. She will always be looking down on us and guiding our way through the rest of our lives.  Let us remember her in memories, certain smells, songs and whatever else may make us smile. In leu of flowers, please send donations to the Trillium hospital where she spent her last few hours and where the staff treated her amazing and with respect. Trillium Healthcare Foundation  Tribute Gift in Memory of Jacqueline Mary Teresa Mills Hayes Mississauga, ON L5B 1B8 905-848-7575
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  1. Ryan and Julie French
    Ryan and Julie French says:

    The Hayes Family

    My deepest condolences, Jackie was a wonderful lady and she will be missed dearly. My heart goes out to all your family… A donation to the cancer society will be made on Jackie’s behalf.. May she rest in peace….

  2. doff and char
    doff and char says:

    jackie we only met a few times as we all lived so far away but ,you were a joy to be with always upbeat and ready with a laugh pity we did not get to know more about each other but you will never be forgotten as after all you are family.

  3. Bill Mills
    Bill Mills says:

    My heart is filled with pain at the loss of my little sister.She will always be in my heart.May she rest in peace,and ihope she is with Mom and Dad and they wait and look out for us all.Her loving brother Bill.

  4. stephie richardson
    stephie richardson says:

    i can honestly say you were one of my most favorite aunts. i looked up to as a child, you were so full of laughter and love.it was always so much more fun when auntie jackie, uncle fred and stacy were coming over you made the room alive with laughter and fun ….. l love you ……. we will miss you love stephie roger tyler and jessica xo

  5. Susan Dickinson
    Susan Dickinson says:

    Oh Jackie,
    So many years have passed since I called you Mom, we had some great times together, and although we grew apart I will always have the memories of the fun times that Fred, Stacy, you and I had. R.I.P your suffering has ended.

    Susie Dickinson (Sega)

  6. Judy King
    Judy King says:

    Wishing the family all the best through this difficult time and to hold on to all the memories that she left for you all. She was a strong women who fought every battle that came her way with dignity and pride. All my love to the family and wishing her peace at last.

  7. Lyn Hayes
    Lyn Hayes says:

    I am so glad we had our “Hayes” get togethers it was so nice for the seven of us to see each other…then we had our evening with you and me Cheryl and Steph,,we had a lot of laughs that night that is how I shall remember you……. miss you Jackie……..Lyn

  8. Lyn and Len Haye
    Lyn and Len Haye says:

    Jackie you were one in a million you always enjoyed life and your laugh will always be remembered…rest in peace Jackie no more pain no more hurts. Love Len and Lyn

  9. Cindy Maringola
    Cindy Maringola says:

    Jackie/Stacy/Fred and Family:
    I wish I had had the honor of meeting such a wonderful woman. What I have heard and read about her has all been positive and refreshing, knowing that our daughter would go to see her friend Stacy all of the time. Our daughter Jennifer had nothing but positive words about Jackie. Sorry that we did not meet. I am sure that if I had met you, we would of been friends from the start just like our daughters are. Our family were so sorry to hear that you had passed at such a young age, but we wanted to let you know that you have raised an amazing daughter and your grandson is such an amazing little man. We know that you will be looking down from heaven and taking care of your family from up above. You sounded like an Angel here and now you are an Angel from above. R.I.P. Jackie. Hope all your suffering is gone.

  10. Pat & Roy
    Pat & Roy says:

    Rest in Peace, Jackie…no more pain to suffer. We will always remember all the gatherings and all the laughs we used to share. God Bless, Pat & Roy.

  11. Pat & Roy
    Pat & Roy says:

    Rest in Peace, Jackie, no more pain. We will always remember our gatherings and our laughs together. God Bless. Pat & Roy.

  12. Pat & Roy
    Pat & Roy says:

    Hi, Jackie, no more pain, you can now rest peacefully. We shall remember the good gatherings we had and all the laughs we had together. God Bless. Pat & Roy.

  13. Debbie Mills
    Debbie Mills says:

    A Tribute to my sister, Jackie –
    It feels like months but it has only been weeks,
    And yet that is still too long.
    I still love you the same as if you were still here with me, laughing during the good times and crying during the bad ones.
    I miss being able to call you any time and spend hours talking about everything under the sun.
    As children we were practically joined at the hip,
    But we grew up and grew apart, as most siblings do.
    We had our own set of friends and our own set of goals for our lives, but that still didn’t change the fact that we were sisters.
    There was nothing that I wouldn’t do for you and nothing that you wouldn’t do for me.
    I always wish you were still here with me enjoying life,
    But I can understand why God would want such a beautiful angel on his side from now until eternity.
    Just know that I love and miss you,
    And this is the tribute to you, my sister, Jackie XOXO

  14. Cheryl hayes
    Cheryl hayes says:

    Auntie Jackie! We met in the 80’s, I loved you as soon as I met you, we both liked a laugh and a smoke, then little Stacy was in our wedding party and then we spent the summers at Lyn and Lens pool with all those babies running around, such good times. We will miss your laughter, gleaming smile and witty humour. Love from Cheryl, Kevin, Adam, Kristine and Rebecca.

  15. Diane LHeureux
    Diane LHeureux says:

    The best news Guy and I ever received was the day we found out that you could take care of our little girl. I’ve never met anyone who loves children as you did. The love, the care, the laughter, the animation and guidance. OH! what a lucky girl Keilah is to have had you in her life… We as parents able not worry as we went through our daily routines knowing that she was safe, happy and being taken care of in the same way she would be if she where at home. We can’t thank you enough,… All I can say is “What a gift you had” Thank you for the Opera… Keilah won’t like this but she still sings Opera (nothing wrong with that LOL !!) You’re love for life and people and of course your contagious laugh will be with us forever. As much as you will be missed we are grateful that you are no longer suffering. Angel that you are you now have your wings… Love Diane Guy & Keilah Hugs to Fred Stacy Kevin Joshua and Family. XXXXXXXX

  16. Carmela Feraco-Lo Presti
    Carmela Feraco-Lo Presti says:

    An amazing woman, mother, and great role model to all who knew her. She will be forever in our hearts and in our memories. Thinking of you and your family Stacy during this difficult time. Heartfelt sympathy from Carmela Feraco-Lo Presti & Family.

  17. Cathy
    Cathy says:

    “Sometimes people come into your life for a moment, a day or a lifetime. It matters not the time they spent with you but how they impacted your life in that time” -unknown

    Jackie impacted the lives of everyone she knew. With her radiant smile and tremendous heart- she had so much love to give. I believe Jackie came into our lives for a reason. She was there the day I was born when my mom brought me home from the hospital, she was there every time my mom needed her. She watched over me like an angel on earth, and always made me feel like I was a part of her family, even when mine was breaking. She taught me to be respectful and thankful for what I did have rather than dwelling on what was missing. I am forever grateful to her for that. I loved Jackie like my own mother and I will always feel that love for her in my heart. All of the great qualities in Jackie have rubbed off on those whose lives she touched and will continue to live on in her family and loved ones. Thank you Jackie for having this impact on all of us, I will never stop missing you.
    Love you forever,

  18. Nicki pellegrini
    Nicki pellegrini says:

    To my friend Jackie I will always be greatful to you for all the love and kindness you gave to me and my family. I am greatful to have known you, you gave me courage and strength when no one else did. You will live forever in our hearts.

    We love you forever!

  19. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    Jackie you will be missed by so many people, Twin Pines neighbors, family, friends and aquaintances. I wish I had the chance to know you better. We did have a couple of short chats while you were out scooting around on your Jackie mobile and you were very funny and pleasant to talk to. I remember you speaking highly of your husband, daughter and your pride and joy grandson, Joshua. Even though you were very sick I never would have known it because of your upbeat and happy personality. Why is it we wait until people are gone and then we say Gee I wish I knew that person better. Rest in peace free from pain. Lynn (6 Main)

  20. Herb Hayes
    Herb Hayes says:

    Or though we hardly saw much of each other, You were the wife of my youngest brother. I have never heard a word spoken in any negative sense, so I am sure your will be missed by many. You have shown me the way of how to bear the pain some of us have to go through. You were always welcomed to my home, as is my brother. You are gone but not forgotten. I would like to offer my condolences to all of your family and friends, and your will be greatly missed.

  21. Miguel Gonsalves
    Miguel Gonsalves says:

    To Stacey and family,

    Though I never met your mom, she must have been a great lady to have raised such a kind and loving daughter.

    My deepest condolences to you all in your time of loss!


  22. Kristen Bone
    Kristen Bone says:

    I miss you like crazy and you have taken part of my heart with you. With you taking part of my heart means you now have a complete one. – Stacy Hayes

    I love that so much.. so beautifully said.

  23. Kristen Bone
    Kristen Bone says:

    I will always remember her laugh.. & the way she could literally light up a room. Jackie was so many things to so many people; She was a mother to many. Jackie’s hugs were the best.. she always held on that second longer, and really really hugged you. Jackie was so approachable, and non judgmental, you could tell her anything! I will miss the way she’d knowingly look at you when you were doing something wrong.. and you’d laugh at her cause you knew she was the only one that noticed.. I loved that. I will always miss her throw your head back slap your knee laugh.. and it was definitely contagious. Jackie I will always think of you. I will always miss you.. & I will always always love you. Thank you so much.. for everything you brought to my life!! xo


  24. Stacy Lynn Hayes-Black
    Stacy Lynn Hayes-Black says:

    Well mom…I still do not believe you are gone from my life. My life will never be the same without you in it. You were and always will be a huge part of my life. You were the best mom anybody could have asked for. You did everything for me, protected me, held me, wipes my tears when I was hurting, treated me when I was sick and my list can go on. I grew up and made it through school with your guidence. Then I grew up and started a family of my own and you were there in a heartbeat to help me and teach me how to be a mom. No matter how sick or hurting you were you would toss that to the side and help me. You were a huge part on the raising of Joshua through all his baby days and then the potty training, his chronic health problems etc…I would not have been able to raise my baby without you. Now I have no choice but to carry on without you and figure out how to raise my boy without your guidence. I will have to remember all your wonderfull motherly skills and love and guidence and use it to raise Joshua into a fine young respectable man. I miss you like crazy and you have taken part of my heart with you. With you taking part of my heart means you now have a complete one.
    No matter how much I am aching to have you back, I am very happy for you as you are no longer suffering and trying to breath. You no longer have only half of your heart working and your cancer is all gone and your lungs are new full and fresh. You can have a great sleep wich you never could do. So the pains I am having from a loss of you being here I know are nothing even close to the pain you were in so I cannot complain.
    All I can say is I love you like crazy ♥ and forever. I know you will watch down on Joshua and I and dad and keep us safe and guide us in the right direction.
    R.I.P. mom..you are now an angel is heaven.
    July 27, 1954 to March 26, 2014

  25. Kevin Bone
    Kevin Bone says:

    You will be dearly missed by all those that loved you. I am one of many. Our hearts will mend in good time, but our love is ever tender. RIP Jackie. Forever loved.


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