Tenderly Calling by John Denver

“Tenderly Calling”

Home, come on home, ye who are weary, come home.
Softly and tenderly calling, home, come on home.Sometimes when I’m feeling lonesome, and no one on earth seems to care,
I’m all by myself in the darkness with no one and nothing to share.
Just when it feels like it’s hopeless and I’ll never make it alone,
I hear the voices of angels tenderly calling me home,Home, come on home, ye who are weary, come home.
Softly and tenderly calling, home, come on home.I try to keep it together, I never let on that I’m scared.
Still sometimes I fall to pieces, scatter and lost everywhere.
Just when it feels like there’s no one to mend all my broken down dreams,
I hear a voice deep inside me tenderly calling to me.Home, come on home, ye who are weary, come home.
Softly and tenderly calling, home, come on home.

So don’t be afraid of the darkness and don’t run away from the storm.
Stand up and face your reflection, the feelings you try to ignore.
After the tempest is over, you’ve let yourself come on through.
You’ll hear a voice in the silence tenderly calling to you.

Home, come on home, ye who are weary, come home.
Softly and tenderly calling, home, come on home.

Change is considered to be the only constant thing in this world. There are changes that we can and cannot accept. However, as survivors, we have to learn to accept the changes that are either positive or negative because it is inevitable. One of the changes that we experience in life is losing a loved one through death. Losing a loved one is a painful experience. It is something that we do not want or avoid to experience. It is a difficult event that we really have to go through. This is why when it comes to losing someone we love dearly, we turn to our families, relatives, and friends for comfort and support. This is also the reason why they all come to the funeral to pay respects and support to the loved one or loved ones left by the deceased.

Depending on the circumstances, not all are prepared for the inevitable. However, there are those who choose to prepare for it. Hence, there are plans they can choose from to prepare them in the future. There are different cremation services to choose from. One can even list down what he or she wants to happen during the funeral such as the flowers to use as far as choosing the funeral songs to use. One of the most commonly chosen is written by Jan Garrett. “Tenderly Calling” is sung by American singer-songwriter Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr. or professionally known as John Denver. Garrett, wrote the song to cater to a wider audience.

The lyrics of the song applies to people of different beliefs or spiritual orientations. The words of the song provide comfort in every spiritual level which helps individuals in accepting death as part of the process. It teaches us to not fear it and accept it as a part of the cycle of life. It is the perfect song to be played when you lost someone you love through death and it is also the perfect for those who are left behind. As a way to comfort the living, most individuals would choose this song to help the mourners reflect on the deceased and help remind them of the pleasant memories of the deceased.

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  1. Dave
    Dave says:

    All roads lead to God but not all roads lead to heaven. I have been a follower of Jesus Christ for over 50 years and the most important decision you can make today is where you will spend eternityThere is only one savior for all and that is Jesus Christ, the only begotten son of God.


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