New Urn Trend: Biodegradable Urns

Biodegradable UrnsCremation urns share a number of varieties. You can choose from urns that are made out of wood, glass, metal, plastic, precious stones and for some porcelain ceramics. Whatever kind of urn you choose from, an urn is a keepsake container of where our ashes remain once we decide to be cremated.

Relatively, cremation cost should still be considered when choosing which urn you wish to be stored on. Since the more intricate and polished are the details in your urn, the more costly it would become. Also, if you choose materials for your that is of greater value, like precious stones or a gold urn, surely you will be spending more on these extras that you choose.

However, a more economical and radical way of storing your ashes has emerged. For those who are always environmentally conscious, then this is the type of urn that is best suited for you.

Let me introduce to you, biodegradable urns.
Biodegradable urns are mostly made up of materials that are easily decomposed when buried or thrown out at sea. Most of the biodegradable urns that are sold in the market nowadays are mostly made up of natural fibers and cellulose. Cellulose is a gel-like material that easily decomposes and goes with water or earth. Other materials that you may find with biodegradable urns are clay and cardboard materials that just decompose over time.

A more unique approach to modern biodegradable urn trends is that there are also companies who offer urn containers that may contain a seed or plant. If you wish that your remains be plotted and planted with a plant or a tree, then this is also the perfect urn for you. You can be buried in a garden together with your favorite plant, flower or tree. If you also wish to be buried in a garden, park or forest using a biodegradable urn, you may do so, given that you are sure that the state that you are in allows ashes to be buried in either parks of forest.

Biodegradable urns are a great way to reduce waste and help the environment. It helps us remember and be humbled that we are all part of this world and that we are “one with the earth”.