Pros and Cons of Cremation with Memorial Services

It is typical in a traditional burial that the casket will be displayed for other people to see and a service is made a few hours before it will finally be put to rest in the cemetery. But for those who prefer cremation, because it is more affordable than burial, having a service is still an option.

Unlike in a direct cremation, people who choose cremation with service can opt to have it either before or after the cremation process has been done.

To help you in your decision as to which type to choose, here are the pros and cons of choosing cremation with services.

  • Pros. Even though a service will be held in this type of cremation, the costs will still be generally cheaper than your traditional burial. You also have more liberty as to what you want to do with the ashes. You can place them inside an urn and bring them home, you can scatter the ashes in a specific area, or you can bury them in a cemetery if you wish. The addition of the service before or after the cremation procedure brings a more personal touch to this life event. Friends and family can help each other heal as they say goodbye to their departed loved one. If you decide to hold the service after the cremation, you can easily transport the remains of the deceased from one place to another.
  • Cons. Since you will be choosing basic cremation with services, it will be much pricier than direct cremation. The number of people who will be attending the memorial can affect your overall budget. If you decide to have a viewing before the cremation process, you might need to buy a casket which is appropriate for public viewing and this will add up to your expenses.