Why Some People Choose to be Cremated

cremation costsBeing cremated is a decision that is usually made by a person before he dies. It is a death wish that is usually announced beforehand. It is important to inform your loved ones if you want to be cremated since they might just do the traditional burial which is commonly done in our culture.
There are several reasons as to why some people choose to be cremated. Here are a few lists that might just help you understand why they choose this option as their final resting state.

1. A basic cremation is relatively cheaper

If you would ask to quote and compare the cost incurred when cremation is done versus a traditional burial. It would be inevitable that cremation cost is much cheaper. Think of this, when cremated, it is not mandatory to bury your remains. Usually, your ashes are scattered or placed in an urn. Even if you choose to be buried in a cremation plot, you would just need a small plot of land to have yourself be buried in that area. Compare that to the cost that you would have paying for a whole burial plot the size of a full niche. Plus when buried traditionally, you have to make sure the remains of the dead be cleaned and embalmed. That is an added cost. Also, the logistics needed to transfer a body to the burial site still needs a few extra dollars.

2. More Practical

When it comes to those who wish to be cremated, they think that practicality is a sure fire win when cremation is done. It involves just a few steps to turn a body into ashes. Plus, your loved ones can still hold on to your remains when turned into this state.

3. Wants to be in several places at the final place of death

You can always request that your ashes be scattered on sea, on your favorite park, or, your ashes be stored in an urn and be placed at home. Your children can have each and every share of your ashes so that you are still with them.

4. Culture and Tradition

As for some, it is mandatory to have cremation be done. It is part of their culture and beliefs.

I hope these few points opened up your view and perspective as to why some people choose to be cremated.