Why Consider An Underwater Urn

cremation urnWith the array of cremation urns nowadays, you can have the chance to leave a legacy that is good for the environment. If you are planning for a cremation for a beloved family member who spent part of their life advocating for greener alternatives, look for an urn that will best complement their beliefs.

One with the sea

Once the basic cremation is completed, the remains can be scattered on the ocean. Those who relished spending their vacations on the beach or who were into sailing and other water sports, are wont to decide on a water scattering. It can be a fitting tribute to their love of nature and respect for its beauty. An underwater urn is the perfect vessel for this type of ending. It can be filled with the ashes and then lowered into the sea after a short memorial on a boat.

Sustaining marine life

In opting for the seabed as the final resting place for your loved one, you might as well consider an urn that can benefit the marine life. An urn that can later serve as a coral after dislodging the ashes is an alternative to those that will just merely disintegrate when immersed into the water. This habitat for the marine life can help sustain the ecological balance on the ocean floor.

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