What to Include in a Cremation Memorial Service Program

cremation services mississaugaOnce the cremation services are completed, the family can opt to hold memorial services for their loved one before they scatter or bury the ashes. Just because they had forgone with the traditional burial, they need not deprive themselves and their friends the opportunity to remember together that special person in their lives. They can put together and distribute a memorial service program to guide everyone on the proceedings.

  • Personal Information
    The complete name of the deceased, along with the birth and death dates and age should be written down. The names of the bereaved family like the the spouse, the children or the parents can be included if they wish.
  • Program of Activities
    If a mass or a Bible reading will be conducted, they can indicate the name of the person who will officiate and the prayers that will be said. A eulogy, testimonials or blessing of the cremation urns may be listed down as well.
  • Acknowledgment
    The surviving family can add a note of thanks to those who sent their condolences, gifts and prayers.
  • Photos and Verses
    The front and back covers of the program can be filled with photos of your loved one, their favorite biblical verses, poems, hymns and quotes. Photos of scenic gardens and landscapes are often used as background.

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