Is Direct Cremation for You?

Many people are confused about whether or not direct and basic cremations are the same. Although these two processes involve the actual burning of the body and turning it into ashes, there are some huge differences between them especially in the aspect of carrying out the cremation.

Adequate knowledge about direct cremation will be necessary so you could pick which type you want for your funeral plan or which option families can choose for their deceased members.

  • There is no final viewing. If you prefer the direct type of cremation, you have to be aware that there is no final viewing of the body. You should know that the deceased body of your family member will be removed from the place of death and will be sent immediately to the crematorium where he or she will be cremated as soon as the papers are settled. So, if your family member dies in the hospital, the body will be removed from the hospital and will be sent to the cremation house.
  • Papers will still be needed for cremation. A lot of people are aware that this type of cremation is quick and the process is carried out as soon as possible. But even so, families should be notified that the actual cremation procedure will not be started if papers are not completed. Necessary paperwork includes the death certificate and the authorization to cremate. As soon as these are accomplished, the cremation of the body shall commence.
  • The body will not be embalmed. One of the major differences between direct and basic cremation is that there will be no body embalming in the direct type. This is because there is no point in preserving the body when it will be subjected to direct heat as soon as all the papers have been cleared.

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