Using Jewelry as Remembrance of a Late Loved One

cremation wjewelry memorialsLosing someone can really be very hard to the family. Realizing that a family member will forever be gone is also very difficult to accept. That is why many families are looking for different ways to cope with the loss of a loved one. The bereaved family always has different remembrances which will remind them of the times that they had spent with their lost member.

Bringing Memories

Today, aside from pictures showcased around the house, there are other ways to bring the memories of your loved ones wherever you go.

One of the most popular ones is the use of jewelry. After the body of the family member has been cremated, the remains are usually placed in cremation urns to be kept at home, in a mausoleum, or to be spread in different places. But reserving some of the remains and including it in jewelry is a special way to bring your late loved one closer to you. Jewelries which can carry remains and ashes are actually readily available. There are even funeral homes that offer these jewelries already.

Cremation Jewelry

There are many designs and choices of cremation jewelry to choose from. And only a very small amount of ashes will be used so you can still keep the rest of the ashes in an urn or scatter it around as you had previously planned.

The most commonly used types of jewelries are pendants and bracelets.
 In a bracelet, the beads are filled with a small amount of ashes inside through a small opening. The same principle is also used in pendants.
 Hearts pendants are very popular among the choices. But heart lockets are really in demand.
 Lockets are perfect since it can hold the ashes of your loved one and you can also put his or her picture in it.
 There are even some people who put a strand of their late loved one’s hair together with the ashes inside the locket.

If you do not want to carry their ashes around, you can still use jewelry as a remembrance.
You can use their old pieces of jewels or you can choose charms that resemble the interests of your lost family member.