Cremation Trends for 2019

If you found a trend in funerals, you don’t have to be surprised about cremation trends. Cremation has been around for a long time, probably almost the same as the traditional funeral. Cremation isn’t popular in the early years because religious institutions disagree with this method, and people back in the days are way more religious than those in the 21st century. A lot of people associate cremation to going to hell since your body is being burned.

There’s a lot of spreading ashes ceremony ideas now that you can find in just one search or click. Because of technology, we can explore and discover a lot of unusual things that we never really knew existed. It can even identify which cemeteries have an area for cremated people which is very efficient for people who want to save money.

The rise of popularity for cremation causes people to start some trends. You can learn more of these cremation trends and hopefully find one that’s best for your deceased loved one.

Cremation Jewels

Korea is traditionally famous for turning their loved one’s ashes into beads and placing them inside a glass container so they can be displayed, and become a decorative piece for the house. People nowadays have taken that idea up a notch. As weird as making the ashes into colourful beads, cremation ashes now are turned to pieces of jewelry.  Some are even considering the jewelry as a family heirloom. This type of trend may be pricier because it is difficult to make jewelry out of cremated ashes.

Scattering Events

Scattering the ashes has been one of the most popular trends for cremation. There are a lot of wonderful things to do for your loved one who has their body cremated. One of that has their ashes scattered in a place that associates to them. Some cemeteries give families a small area for scattering the ashes or anything they want to do. Some also make a garden or plant a tree in that specific area as a memorial site for the loved ones. Scattering the ashes is a beautiful way for your loved one to rest eternally.

Alternative Urns

Alternative urns are containers made out of biodegradable materials. A lot of families prefer this kind of decorative urn since it is eco-friendly, and they don’t want jars to sit on any bookshelf. The alternative container can be displayed or placed in the garden, or they can make a hollow fountain with the ashes inside the sculpture

Alternative urns have a broad idea that you can even make the ashes into functional items such as hourglasses, art pieces, birdhouses, or pencils.

Water Cremations

Water cremation type of trend that is slowly rising its popularity. Water cremation is likely the opposite of the traditional cremation. We often imagine an oven where a body can fit in on the traditional cremation. Water cremation is a better way to save the environment because there isn’t much chemical used for this. It also decays your body in a more natural disposition. Being cremated using water is also lighter, and the remaining ashes inside the urn wouldn’t contain many chemicals as to traditional flame-based cremation.

Memorial Reefs

Memorial Reefs is when the family scatters the ash of the person at sea. But they can only scatter the ashes in locations that are EPA- approved. Most families have their idea where they make the ashes into a reef and place it in the sea. The idea is environmentally friendly since you provide a home to the fishes. If your loved one loves the sea or wants to save the ocean, this can also be a great idea to help.

Painted Ash Art

Painting a portrait out of people’s ashes is possible nowadays because of a special paint that is mixed in the ash. The idea of painting the ashes as an art doesn’t end there. The cremated ashes can also be used to sculpt to create a vase or an item found at home that is memorable for them. Though, you should be careful and treat the idea with care and respect for the ashes of the deceased. It is advisable to have an experienced and competent professional to do this work since they know what material to use and how to treat it respectfully. It is not a bad idea, especially if your loved one is a big fan of art. The painting and art piece made can be treasured by the next generations to come.

Online Memorials

You might not understand what this trend is, but online memorials are mostly a website or a page dedicated to the person who passed away. Since we’ve come to a generation of social media, people have come up with an idea of having an online memorial for the family and friends to pay tribute to. In this website or page, you can view images and memories of the person. The idea is also convenient for families who live in different countries. They can light a candle and make donations in their own home and have it send out to their fellow family.

Cremation Funerals and Banquet

This idea might not be surprising since a lot of people prefer a simple get together. To have a cremation funeral and banquet can be a very personal and private funeral. If celebrities use this trend, it can be beneficial for fans to have a view of the urn of their idol. You don’t have to worry about the price since some funeral homes offer packages. The might give you a headstone or memorial stone for people to visit.

With a private funeral and a banquet, the viewing can be less chaotic and peaceful since funerals mostly come with personalized music, slideshow for the memorial, a religious service, and a eulogy.