Creating Lasting memories with Cremation Art

Losing someone is tough. You tend to hold on to the memories that you have shared together to help you keep moving forward. Although those meaningful memories can last for a lifetime, there are those moments when a person would still long for something that he can visually see or touch as a form of remembrance.

There is a new trend today called cremation art wherein a very small portion of the cremated remains of the deceased following basic or direct cremation will be used to create an art form.

There are different forms of cremation art that you can order from numerous artists all over the country. Only a small portion of the ashes will be needed; usually less than a tablespoon.

  • Hand-Blown Glass. There are a lot of glass artists who are already into the business of cremation art. As they are blowing the glass to make it into a shape, a few speckles of the cremains can be blown into the glass and they will be embedded forever into the art piece. Glass pieces can be very elaborate or simple depending on the design that you want. Because the artwork is made of glass, some specs of the cremains can be seen distributed in the piece and are very visible to the eye.
  • Clay Sculptures. There are also sculptors who will be willing to add a teaspoon of the cremains of the deceased to the clay that they will be using to make different sculptures. Clay is also very symbolic because it exemplifies the fact that people came from dust and to dust all of the people will end up to.
  • Cremation Painting. Some artists can add the ashes to their paint and create a meaningful portrait or an image that you request. If you plan on having cremation art done with the cremains of your loved one, set aside a budget for it which is separate from your necessary cremation costs.