Changing The Way We Grieve

Death will always be an unexpected happening in our life. We don’t know if we’ll die because of an accident, disease, or an unforeseen event. Although dying is not the best solution to escape our problem, some resorts in doing this as a sign that they give up in finding a solution to that problem. But whatever that may be, there will always be people who’ll be grieving for us.

Grieving over a person who’s never coming back is a painful thing that will ever happen to us. They say crying helps lessen the pain, but I think crying over the person just makes you stronger than other people. Even after that person’s burial, we can never fully accept their death and even after days or months pass by, a lot of people will still grieve for their death. They say it’s never easy to move on, and even now we can’t find the perfect formula for moving on.

In Laura Prince’s TEDx Talk, she discussed her experiences about death, grief, and how she found her passion through that and used it in a way that she can help others. Hearing over the phone about the death of a person close to you while you are out exploring the world may just be enough reason for you to want to teleport. Each one of us has different experiences of grieving. In her experience, it took her long to move on with her life after the death of her childhood best friend. In her talk, she wants us to change our way of grieving since grieving will always be remembering about their death and wishing they were beside us when in fact we should remember the great things and the most memorable experience being with them. We should laugh at how they spent their life living rather than grieving for months or years. Because whatever we do, we can’t bring them back and that’s a hard pill to swallow.

We should treat our everyday life as if it’s our last since we don’t know what will happen in the next day. Laura also stressed out in her talk that we should give importance of properly honoring the person who died. Now, social media can be a new channel for us to grieve.

Since we have been open to technology and social media is one of the most open spaces for us to share our thoughts and feelings. This is also a way for people to know the problems and challenges that other people are experiencing and facing in hopes for someone to show concern. This can also be for others to just express what they feel and release that built up anger or pain in them.

Openly showing your grief in social media can help you move on. Though some may criticize you about this, you don’t really have to care. What they would say will be their opinion, you are who you are. Minding other peoples opinion would get you nothing, there will always be people who will oppose whatever you do. After our loved one is buried, we can’t immediately forget the memories that we have with them. And now, social media just became an outlet for us to express what we feel. Their account with their memories and photos, but we just got to learn how to accept it.

A time will arrive where we are given the responsibility to choose between a burial with a coffin or urn. Burying our loved one takes a lot of time and energy since you have to follow your own tradition. Though, if you choose burial, you have to buy a casket. Each has its own rate and choosing which casket you choose since the funeral home’s price is per set.  Now, how much does a cremation cost? If you prefer having your loved one cremated, you don’t need to worry about other phases since some of them is not necessary. You can save space in the land since you don’t have to bury an urn and it can stay with you in your house or in a tomb. Since embalming and other expense are not anymore included, you can definitely find a low-cost cremation for your loved one. But if you want to show love and give importance to the dead, you can give them a fancy urn.

Changing the way we grieve isn’t easy since we don’t experience this often. Before the evolution of technology, a lot of people find it difficult to cope up losing their loved one since they are not knowledgeable of these things unlike now. They may say technology has become an addiction to everyone but this is also what helps us sane and understand what each of us feels. Life for you may be a series of unfortunate events but remember that there will always be a rainbow after the rain. Your loved ones will always be there for you to help you cope up with your life and grief.