Remembering your loved ones during their death anniversary

Losing a loved one can be a painful ordeal.  Even when you’re past the grieving stage, you can still feel the void left behind by the deceased.  But there are ways to deal with the loss and fondly remember the departed, especially when you are celebrating his or her death anniversary.  Here are a couple of tips:

  • Light them a candle.  It’s a simple and solemn tradition in honoring the dead which goes way back into primitive times.  The act of lighting a candle for the deceased may take on different meanings, depending on the religion.  But it is certainly a respectful way to remember those who have passed on.  Candles can be lit beside the cremation urns on house altars.
  • Plan a get together with family and friends who are also close to the departed to celebrate his or her death anniversary.  Nothing’s more comforting than being with the people closest to you and the deceased loved ones and remembering the person.  The get together doesn’t have to be a big party.  It can be a simple dinner wherein you can all sit down and share your fondest memories of your deceased loved one.  Sure, it can bring out the tears, but the happy memories you and your family and friends have can also make you smile.
  • Pour it all out in writing.  If you’re not comfortable with talking to someone about your loss, you can write all your feelings down in a letter to your loved one.  It’s a healthy form of release and can make it easier for you to accept the loss.  You can either keep the letter to yourself, or find a way to “send” it to your loved one symbolically, such as by tying it to a balloon and letting it fly or burning the letter.
  • Make a trip to the cemetery and visit your loved one’s grave site.  You can offer prayers, funeral songs, and flowers which you can leave on the grave.  Or you can talk to your loved one as if he or she is still alive.  Telling the deceased how you feel can be therapeutic and this can bring a lot of comfort and peace to you.