An Ivy Film Festival Inspiration for Honoring the Dead

233146461_841a197797When a person we care about and love dies, it is our nature to remember the good things that he or she did before passing on. We give ourselves the chance to thank the person for all the good things that they have done for us and a chance to get to know them better by attending their funeral. This is the chance to get to know the different sides of an individual based on the different friends or connections that he or she made.

Honoring the dead can come in different forms and not just by attending the funeral to pay respects. It’s not only by singing funeral songs or reading funeral poems but it is also about the inspiring stories that you can share with the other people who knew the deceased. To make this occasion even more memorable, you can ask the help of any independent film maker or film student to create a video about the deceased. You can ask someone from the family and friends to help you coordinate with collecting footages, pictures, and certain memories that they distinctively remember about the deceased.

The Ivy Film Festival is an event that happens annually every month of April. It is a student run festival that showcases the work of their fellow film makers. You can use this festival as an idea for showcasing the life of your deceased loved one based on the perspective of each clique that he or she hung out with. As aforementioned, you can use the videos or the photos that you can collect or even have the other friends and family say something great about the deceased. You can record a video of what they remember about the deceased and how he or she touched their lives.

This will be a non-traditional and yet touching way to end the funeral or begin a get together after the deceased is buried or cremated. This will be an opportunity for the bereaved to process their emotions and have a discussion to help with how they would cope with the loss of a loved one.