A Guide to Aftercare Services

Losing a loved one is beyond all sadness. Those who have said goodbye to the people they love most know fully well how overwhelming the experience is. Despite all preparations one may think s/he made, nothing prepares you for the insurmountable grief you may be in for.

Grief is personal, natural and normal. Throughout the process, we will feel every possible emotion we could ever feel. Everything may come at you from all corners: The thought of your departed loved one, the funeral you have to prepare for and attend, as well as the people you will deal with. All that and more, and we’re not even near the end of the line

Once all is said and done, most of us are at loss in what happens next. Now that the funeral service is over, what’s in store for us? How do we settle the departed’s unfinished business? Where do we go from here? Who can we talk to?

This is where a funeral aftercare service comes in. Funeral homes may vary from the kind of service they offer. However in essence, an aftercare program centers on the post-funeral activities the living has to take care of.  It also concentrates on the post-funeral aid a funeral company can provide once the service is over.

Essence of Aftercare Programs

When losing someone near and dear to us, we tend to be at a loss. We feel like we’re floating, at times rendered paralyzed and unable to know what to do next. We aren’t our most focused selves when someone we love dies. We are not as motivated as we were before we lost that person.

It’s particularly even harder when there are children involved. When the departed left behind children to take care of, we may find it very difficult to take the next step. We also end up worrying about these children who may find other, less healthy coping mechanisms because they lost their parents.

This is why there’s a need for an aftercare service. From finalizing paperwork and turning over obligations to bereavement counseling, it’s a program that will help you get back on your feet.  

Kinds of Aftercare Services

Services vary from one funeral company to the next. For instance, here at Tranquility, we provide bereavement support when you feel the grief becoming overwhelming. We understand that this experience is almost impossible to bear that sometimes, all we need is a shoulder to cry on. We have professional counselors and directors that will make certain you are not alone during this journey.

The care we give at our funeral home doesn’t end when the departed is buried or cremated. Our funeral directors and counselors are here to show support, extend advice and provide comfort in your time of need.

Grief counseling also makes for a more comforting and less stressful family talks. Since there are a lot of emotions circling among the ones who were left behind, it helps to have a mediator to answer questions and accommodate their needs. Whether you are in need of an individual or group meeting, grief counseling is an aftercare service that will help you exhaust your emotions and somehow, breathe a little.

Another aftercare service we provide is taking care of the paperwork for you. The forms for survivor and death benefits are needed, which can be daunting for the grieving as it is a challenge to think straight during these times. Tranquility ensures you are taken care of by doing all the work for you.

Caring for children in times of loss is crucial. When they lost their parent/s, it’s important for them to receive the right kind of support, particularly when they are in their formative years. Another aftercare service focuses on meeting with the children with the help of a counselor or director. From answering their questions to helping them cope with the grief, such talks can help ease their pain and give them hope to move forward. Services like this exist because sometimes, the remaining family members are also dealing with their own grief that they end up not giving too much attention on the children. The child-caring aftercare service is also ideal for children who seem to be taking a lot more time to grieve or heal.

Reaching Out for an Aftercare Service

It’s best to reach out to the same funeral company as you worked with during the service. This makes it more convenient and easier on all parties. Moreover, a sense of trust and reliability has already been established.

We highly encourage going through the aftercare program so you are reminded that people are ready to extend help and support. Know that you are not alone during these trying times. Someone is always a phone call or a message away.