Get up and Move! – The Many Benefits of Being Physically Active

Health Apart from a balanced diet, one important aspect of staying healthy would be regular exercise. Without the right mix of eating healthy and exercise, achieving your dream figure or attaining a specific healthy stature would seem a little incomplete.  Here are some of the reasons why staying active is really beneficial to one’s health.

  • Weight maintenance – For you to be considered healthy, your body mass index (BMI) should complement your age. Thus, it is important to stay in shape that matches with your body age. And the best way to achieve this is through regular exercise. Compared to some fad diets and weight loss medication, physical activity is the still the safest way to achieve a lean figure.
  • Muscle and bone development – Just like gears that are not regularly lubricated, our bones and muscles will not be able to function properly without exercise.  As for some that cannot find time to hit the gym and exercise, you can settle with doing activities that make you move. Simple lifting and flexing can be considered as physical movement and can contribute to your muscular and skeletal development.
  • Preventing diseases – Exercise serves as a remedy to a number of health issues. For example, physical movements promote the development of good cholesterol which can prevent cases of heart attacks or other cardiovascular issues. It can also help you reduce the risks brought about by Type II diabetes or even totally get rid of it. Even the smallest cold can be instantly healed once you decide to get up and move.
  • Mood boost – Our day-to-day life and activities may sometimes take its toll on us that we feel stressed. If you want to be free from such, all you need to do is exercise. When you are physically active, hormones called endorphins are released frequently. These hormones primarily affect your emotion of happiness so it will surely help you get going instead of wallowing in stress and sadness. So, once you feel so bummed out, try a brisk walk or go for sports. You won’t really spend that much to be happy.

Physical activity affects so many aspects in our lives. It helps us lose weight, improve our immune system, cheer us up, and the list goes on. Prioritizing such will also ensure us that we will be prepared as some other health issues come in our way.