“You’re Missing” – performed by Bruce Springsteen

“You’re Missing” – performed by Bruce Springsteen

Shirts in the closet, shoes in the hall
Mama’s in the kitchen, baby and all
Everything is everything
Everything is everything
But you’re missing

Coffee cups on the counter, jackets on the chair
Papers on the doorstep, but you’re not there
Everything is everything
Everything is everything
But you’re missing

Pictures on the nightstand, TV’s on in the den
Your house is waiting, your house is waiting
For you to walk in, for you to walk in
But you’re missing, you’re missing You’re missing when I shut out the lights
You’re missing, when I close my eyes
You’re missing, when I see the sun rise
You’re missing

Children are asking if it’s alright
Will you be in our arms tonight?

Morning is morning, the evening falls I got
Too much room in my bed, too many phone calls
How’s everything, everything?
Everything, everything
You’re missing, you’re missing

God’s drifting in heaven, devil’s in the mailbox
I got dust on my shoes, nothing but teardrops

 “You’re Missing” was performed by Bruce Springsteen and this is a song that grieving families can relate to. After the deceased body has already been buried or basic cremation has been completed, the family members will feel emptier as before especially because there is nothing to hold on to anymore.

One of the toughest times that the family would have to face is after the cremation or the burial when the members would need to go back home without their deceased member. Entering the house where all of you used to stay together would seem to be empty. Every item in the house would also remind you of your loved one even though you really want to move on and overcome this difficult time in your life.

The piece tells exactly what happens after the death of a loved one. Families would feel empty and the mood will always be sad for the next coming weeks. It will be a difficult transition seeing an empty chair in the dining room and more space in the bed at night. You can’t do anything about this but to cry and pray to the Lord that everything will be okay.

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