What Memory Keepsakes Can Be Made With Ashes?

The number of people who seek cremation services is on the rise. Whether it’s direct cremation or a more elaborate cremation with viewing and reception, families have to face one thing in common. What do they do with the cremation remains or ashes after the services are concluded? 

Usually, families opt to bury the cremains, put the cremains in an urn to be displayed in the home or columbarium niche, or scatter the ashes. Recently, an increasing number of families prefer to have keepsakes made from ashes. They either use all the cremains for one big keepsake or divide the ashes to make mini-keepsake such as jewelry. The latter allows the family members to get a small portion of the ashes for their comfort. 

It’s not uncommon now to find companies making unique keepsakes made from the ashes. You can opt for a big piece like a keepsake urn, or you can make little pieces based on your preferences. If you’re looking for unique ideas that incorporate the cremains into the memorial, check out these creative keepsake suggestions that will honor the deceased while giving your comfort. 


Glass Orb Keepsake

You can have a hand-blow glass orb created with the ashes to make a stunning display, bearing a lot of meaning. A teaspoon of the ashes is all that’s needed to make a beautiful orb. You can have this showcased in your home or office with a picture of your loved one next to it. Tell the artisans if you have preferences because they can customize the final design to your liking. As for the rest of the remains, you can keep them in an urn or do a scattering ceremony. 


An Eye-Catching Hourglass Urn

An hourglass is always a visually-stunning mantlepiece that’s a great conversation starter. If you’re looking for a creative way to display the deceased’s ashes, this token is an excellent idea. Although the hourglass is not as reliable as your other timepieces, it’s still an excellent reminder for everyone who sees it that time and life are precious. You can have personal details of the deceased embossed into the wooden parts of the hourglass if you wish. 


Memorial Painting With Ashes

You can commission an artist to paint with the ashes. The cremains can be mixed with the colors to create a memorial portrait of your beloved. If you don’t want a portrait, you can also request other themes, such as memorable landscapes that would remind you of the deceased. Research and check locally to find an artist who would feel comfortable creating artwork using this unique medium. 


Sentimental Comfort Teddy Bear

Some people may find this suggestion strange, while others love it and feel it’s comforting. Many people now have opted to purchase a Huggable Teddy Bear Urn. This is one of the most unique urn designs on the market today. The company takes a portion of the deceased’s ashes and intersperses it with the stuffing. This is a meaningful keepsake that you can take to bed at night. A snuggly memorial bear is a sentimental and memorable piece you could pass on to family members. You could even have several bears made to share amongst relatives and close friends. 


Tattoo Ink

What can be more memorable and more permanent than a tattoo? This is one of the most unique and lasting memorial keepsakes to honor the deceased. In this modern world, it has become a common practice to have a portion of the ashes mixed with tattoo ink. Then, the artist will use this mixture to ink your body. According to tattoo artists and many satisfied clients, there are no health issues regarding this practice. However, you must ask your favorite tattoo artist first how they feel about doing this for you. Once you get a go signal, excellent memorial tattoo ideas include the portrait or name of the deceased. 


Morphed Into a Vinyl Record

For music lovers, morphing the ashes into a vinyl record seems like a good idea. A one-of-a-kind shop in the UK will press the ashes into vinyl records. You can even select the music and cover artwork for the vinyl. It’s a truly unique way to honor a loved one, but you have to make sure you have the means to play the records. 


Cremation Jewelry

Many people opt to have a part of the ashes morphed into jewelry, so they can bring a piece of their loved ones wherever they go. You can turn the ashes into a diamond and have it set as a ring or pendant. Alternatively, memorial beads made out of the ashes or locket-style type holders to contain the ashes are also popular. Wearing cremation jewelry is a special way to honor the deceased. Best of all, if you invest in a quality piece with sterling silver or gold, it’s something that could be handed down to the future generation. 


Stained Glass Keepsake

A stained glass window is always a sight to behold. Some specialty glass companies can mix the ashes with stained glass window material. If you wish, you can have a piece commissioned for your home. It’s a stunning display that will undoubtedly catch the eyes of everyone who visits your house. A stained glass keepsake is a creative way to honor the memory of your deceased loved one. 

There are many different memorial keepsakes, and it’s up to you to select the most meaningful way to honor the deceased. But no matter the differences between these keepsakes, they share a common objective. They provide comfort after the death of a loved one. They serve as physical reminders and provide a direct connection to the deceased, which helps in managing grief. These keepsakes encourage those left behind to acknowledge and accept the reality of death while bringing good memories to mind to help lessen the blow.