What is a Cremation Society?

Recently, there had been a lot of news about cremation societies and they are often compared to funeral homes. What is a funeral society?

For those who are wondering, a funeral society is an establishment that works very similarly as a funeral home, except that its facilities are more focused on providing cremation services to its clients. The number of cremation societies today has been increasing due to the demand of cremation.

Here are a few more bits of information about a cremation society.

  • History. Cremation societies were coined during the time when cremation was hardly acceptable by society. People who formed these societies were actually forming secret congregation wherein they would swear to keep the cremation process alive. Today, these societies also offer services for cremation at an affordable rate.
  • Advantages. Surprisingly, the rates of cremation societies when it comes to the process of cremation are lower compared to the rates of funeral homes for traditional funerals. A traditional funeral can cost a family over 5 thousand dollars while cremation can cost more than half of that amount. This value in savings is one major factor on why more people are looking into these companies.

Membership. Because cremation societies are congregations, they do their business through asking people to become members to their group. Members can avail of their services for basic and direct cremation with other accompanying features for the funeral too. The attention to detail that these cremation societies give to the deceased is similar to how funeral houses treat the bodies as well. The membership for these societies is also similar to buying a funeral plan for a traditional funeral service. You become a member by availing of their services for future use in case you would pass away from this earth.