What are some creative ways to use and display cremation urns?

In this modern world, cremation has become an increasingly popular choice for making final arrangements. Because of its simplicity and cheaper costs, many families opt for cremation services over traditional burial. But once the cremation process is complete, many families wonder what they can do with the ashes. 

Many people opt to keep the cremation remains or cremains in an urn. However, just because it’s inside this vessel doesn’t mean it must be tucked away from sight forever. In fact, you will find many creative ways to use and display beautiful cremation urns. These gorgeous designs can make for meaningful and unique tributes to a loved one. 


Create a Memorial Garden: A Peaceful Final Resting Place

One creative way to use an urn is to create a memorial garden in your loved one’s honor in your own yard. The urn can be placed in the center of the garden, surrounded by plants and pretty flowers that your loved one enjoyed. You could also include other memorabilia, such as:

  • Photos encased in waterproof containers
  • Laminated letter 
  • Keepsakes like favorite ceramics or golf clubs

Doing this is a peaceful and personal tribute to a life that was lost. Not only is a memorial garden a beautiful way to honor your deceased loved one, but it can also be a comforting and peaceful space for family and friends to visit and reflect.


Artistic Displays: Incorporating Urns into Your Home Decor

Another way to display a customized urn is to incorporate it into your home decor. This might sound strange initially, but it can be both a poignant and purposeful way to keep your loved one close. Some people choose to do the following: 

  • Place urns on bookshelves 
  • Use as mantel centerpieces
  • Create a unique display like the urn as a vase for fresh flowers
  • Utilize different colored lights for effect

Today, there are even companies that specialize in creating custom urns that double as works of art, such as sculptural pieces, drawings, or even coffee tables. While it may not be for everyone, using an urn as part of your home decor can be a beautiful way to keep your loved one’s memory alive.


Personalized Urns: Celebrating Your Loved One’s Life in a Unique Way

Celebrate your loved one’s life uniquely and personally by having a unique urn made. Some ideas for creating a personalized urn include:

  • Customize the urn with your loved one’s name, birth, death dates, or other vital details.
  • Adding a favorite quote, poem, or song lyric to the urn to honor your loved one’s personality or beliefs.
  • Incorporating a favorite hobby or interest into the design of the urn, such as a sports team logo, musical instrument, or travel theme.
  • Choosing a material or design that reflects your loved one’s personality, such as a colorful urn for someone who loves bright colors or a sleek, modern urn for someone with a minimalist style.
  • Creating a photo urn that features pictures of your loved one, either as a photo collage or as a single, larger image.

By creating a personalized urn, you can ensure that your loved one’s final resting place is a true reflection of their life and personality. This piece can also provide comfort and solace to family members and friends who visit the urn. After all, they will be reminded of the wonderful memories and moments shared with their loved ones.


Traveling Memorials: Keeping Your Loved One Close on the Go

For those who love to gallivant and explore the world, creating a traveling memorial can be a meaningful way to keep your loved one close no matter where you go. One idea is to divide the ashes into smaller portions and place them in miniature urns that can be easily packed and taken on trips. 

Moreover, you could also create a memorial keychain, a holding cross, or a piece of jewelry that contains a small amount of the ashes. Not only can a traveling memorial provide comfort during difficult times, but it can also serve as a way to continue making memories with your loved one long after they’re gone.


Scattering Ceremony: A Unique Way to Say Goodbye

While many choose to keep their loved one’s ashes in an urn, scattering them can also be a significant way to say goodbye, let go, and move on. But that doesn’t mean the urn can’t still be part of the process. One idea is to use the urn as a vessel for scattering the ashes, such as by placing it on a boat and scattering the ashes at sea or in a favorite outdoor location like a breezy natural park. This can be a peaceful way to say goodbye while still incorporating the urn as part of the process.


Final Thoughts: Honoring Your Loved One Meaningfully 

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to using and displaying cremation urns. The important thing is to find a way that feels meaningful and personal to you and your family. Fortunately, many creative ways are at your disposal to honor your loved one’s memory. No matter what you choose, always keep in mind that the memories and love you shared with the deceased will always be with you.