Traditional Chinese Practices During Funerals

chinese-funeralsChinese are among those people who really value their culture and their traditions. These traditions are practiced in many major events including funerals.

Although these cultural practices may slightly vary according to their region, the basic premise still applies to most people.

Funeral Preparation
Preparing for the funeral is an important process in the country.

• This task is always assigned to the new generation. The younger members of the family practice their devotion and respect to the elders through this.
• Temples and funeral homes may also be contacted to help in the planning and the execution of the funeral.
• The burial or cremation costs will be shouldered by the family of the deceased. But with the help of the donations from friends, relatives and guests, the family will be able to raise enough to pay all the necessary fees.
Different Colors in Chinese Funeral Practices

When a person dies, an invitation will be sent to friends to announce the death and the funeral of the deceased. The color of the invitations should be white since in the Chinese culture, this color is often assigned to death.

The color pink may be used in invitations only if the deceased was at least 80 years old. This is because the long life of the person must be celebrated instead of mourned. Since family is important in the Chinese culture, these invitations may have a copy of the family tree. The outfits of those who will attend a funeral should also be muted.

Black is often worn.

Other Chinese Funeral Traditions
• The deceased person inside the coffin will be wrapped with a robe which is white in color.
• The robe will be inserted with white envelopes containing money.
• If the deceased is over 80, people can wear pink or white to signify celebration.
• Overnight vigils are also popular in Chinese funerals.
• Bringing of flowers is also done just like in other cultures but the color of the flowers should predominantly be white.
• The decision whether the body will be buried in the cemetery or brought to a crematorium for direct cremation will depend on the family. There are even families who hire people who will mourn during the funeral.