Making your own Bucket List

Bucket ListWhat is a Bucket List?
For those who are unaware of what a bucket list is, it is actually a record of all the things you want to have, all the people you desire to meet, all the activities that you aspire to do before you die.

Some people may refer to this as a list of goals before they die since these are actually future accomplishments that they would want to achieve.

Importance of Bucket List
When creating a bucket list, people can think of death as another experience and not just merely about direct cremation and burial.
• Having a bucket list is actually a great way to get new experiences, meet new people and feel good about yourself.
• When you have a list, you tend to spend your free time in a more productive manner.
• This can help you in identifying most important things in your life that need to be prioritized. You can work on those priorities and crush them out of your list.

Things to be listed
• The things found in the list should not be basic. Do not write “buy groceries” as it is something you do regularly.
• You can write a bucket list which answers the most common “before you die” questions.
 people you want to meet before you die
 places you really would like to go
 achievements that you wish to accomplish
 skills that you feel like to learn
 special moments that you would hope for to personally witness before you die

There is no limit on the number of items in the bucket list but you just have to make sure that they are doable. This is because you have to work on the items listed.

The goal here is to crush all the items on the list before you die. Travelling is definitely the most common item on bucket lists. It is important to spend and share these experiences with your family. Your loved ones can definitely include these occurrences in funeral poems which they will be making for you when you die.