The things that go bump in the night: Real haunted locations in Toronto

Toronto, Ontario may be the last thing on your mind when you think about haunted houses and locations, considering that it is a relatively young city.  But its history rich in murder, mayhem and bloodshed does add a different dimension to this young but bustling city in Ontario.

As homage to the city’s colourful history, and in lieu of the coming Halloween season, here’s a list of famous haunted locations in Toronto.

Golden Diamond Chinese Restaurant.  The reincarnation of the famous Bright Pearl Seafood Restaurant, which went belly-up in 2011, may be famous for its dim sum and steam fried dough rice.  But don’t every think about going to the ground floor bathroom by yourself.  Ghosts are believed to haunt the ground floor bathrooms and are said to appear in the mirror.

The building’s history adds to the creep factor of the famous restaurant.  It was once a funeral home before it became the restaurant famous for its cart services, hence the dragons in the entrance.

Toronto Necropolis– The home of Toronto’s first crematorium may be famous for its Victorian gothic architecture, its ornate cremation urn spaces and its famed residents, such as Toronto’s first Mayor, William Lyon Mackenzie.  But Toronto Necropolis is also notorious for its other residents:  apparitions dressed in period clothing and orbs.  Some even report feeling being watched or touched by disembodied hands.

And if you’re brave enough, whip out your camera.  Some of these apparitions are said to appear in photos.

Gooderham & Worts Distillery – James Wort shows great dedication to the company he co-founded.  As a matter of fact, he still continues to come to work, even after his death!  Workmen and visitors report that they see James Wort opening and closing doors, playing with the lights, and even giving them some scary surprises.

Keg Mansion – Another famous haunted restaurant, Keg Mansion is frequented not only for their delicious steaks but also for their ghosts.  Formerly the residence of Lord William McMaster, founder of the McMaster University, the restaurant is said to be haunted by the ghost of a maid who hung herself in the main foyer as well as of children who can be heard in the upstairs area and the kitchen.