Raymond John Kneeshaw


Raymond Kneeshaw, born May 25th, 1966 chose to end his pain and suffering on February 20th, 2021.

Ray was predeceased by his father Robert Kneeshaw and sister Vicki Joan Maxwell.

Raymond is survived by his doting mother Patricia Joan Thompson, his siblings David Kneeshaw and Darlene Harrison (Steve). Also survived by his children Rebecca Kneeshaw (Ricky), Teresa McKeil, and Russell Kneeshaw.  Ray was a loving Grandpa to Kash, Mya, Jaxson, and Anthony.

Raymond left behind many nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts, uncles, and friends.

Although Ray was well known for his struggles he never let it stop him from letting his family know that he loved them; reaching out to a friend in need, or appearing fast as lightening to rescue you if you were in a jam.

Ray enjoyed simple pleasures like being on the floor playing with his grandson – with childlike delight. These qualities are what drew so many to love him fondly.

Ray’s biggest passion, next to love for family, was cars. He could not pass a sale sign without stopping to haggle for the best deal.

Ray’s light will now shine from above on all of us.

A visitation and service will be held for Ray at St. John’s Dixie Cemetery and Crematorium on Saturday February 27th, 2021 from 1 – 4pm. Due to Covid-19 Regulations visitation is by invitation only.  For those unable to attend, Ray’s visitation will be live-streamed.



In lieu of flowers the family would be honoured if you would donate to The Elizabeth Fry Foundation –  Peterborough Substance Abuse Program in Ray’s memory.


Please visit the link below to make a donation:



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  1. Melinda Lacelle
    Melinda Lacelle says:

    Uncle Ray, it’s taken me awhile to write here. I know your soul is up there now with my mom who has had to of smack you upside your head by now!

    I’ll leave that part to her, she is….well you know, your with her now!

    As someone who has tried to be solid for our family I must say you have shattered each and every one of us! Not because you chose what you did but simply because, none of us had the chance to say “see you later”!

    But like I said, your with my mom now so….she will deal with that part!

    I will deal with how much our family misses you down here. The pain I see on your mothers face, your sisters face is heartbreaking!

    But I will also say that, we will never understand why you took your life, but we will understand and accept that you made the choice you did for your own reasons.

    We are not mad at you and we accept your choice. We don’t have to agree or like it but we….accept it!

    You were and are still very much loved by your family and we really do miss you!

    You will always be, even tho your not physically here with us, our on going concern. You will simply always be, because none of us know how to function without you being our, “ongoing concern”!!!

    Please watch out for nan, your last “ask” of Darlene was to watch over “mom” and take care of her…….

    Your up there now, how about you “take care of her” and watch over her while she is here with us still!

    Your the angel now, so….. you watch over her now as she always did for you!

    We love you Raymond and life without you really won’t ever be the same, but none of us will ever stop talking about you, sharing stories and laughing because, most times the stuff you did was pretty funny!…. you pissed us off a lot but, you were always….you! And you, is what we will always miss!

    You and I struggled most times uncle but, you were still my uncle, my mothers brother and I always have loved you and I always will.

    Rest in paradise uncle Ray! Until I see you again one day! ❤️

  2. Rhoda Levina Halleran
    Rhoda Levina Halleran says:

    Raymond John Kneeshaw I’ve been looking for you ..and here you are my God my friend oh Lord honey bless your soul say hello Mother she joins you today up there in heaven along with me sister baby father so y’all can have a chit chat today Raymond you are with all Angels that are now protecting you the way you should have been watched over your whole life.
    watch over each other until we meet again my friend .
    There will be no one like you in my life I will sorely miss you so much please look in on Megan I’m so she be so glad to see you I know how much you missed her when she passed away and now you’re both together and if you get some free time cuz I know you’re going to be pretty busy up there in heaven cuz that’s where you are my dear your heart on earth has travelled with
    You to heaven

    I’m going to miss you so much you’re the best friend I ever had no life I’ll never forget you my dear I’m so glad you came into my life you taught me things that I never ever thought I know about perseverance strength and love your family I’m so proud to call you my friends I know Retreat the lots of people that we want friends but we’ve been friends a very long time our friendship doesn’t end here I love you talking to you a lot now and I just want you to know I’ll see you I get there thank you very much being a part of my life I love you and I’ll miss you forever and ever

  3. Dina
    Dina says:

    In honor of my friend Raymond … today we celebrate your life.

    To the greatest car salesman. Kneeshaw Motors in the sky.
    To the greatest superhero and spiderman…The priceless heart of gold.
    To one of the greatest souls I have had the honor of knowing.

    Your free to fly and shine your Ray’s of light on us now….in the heavens amongst Gods army.
    Till we smoke toke and laugh again…farewell my dear friend Ray.
    God speed.

  4. Moses
    Moses says:

    My friend may you find Peace and Love in
    Heaven. May God save our Souls. You were always a good neighbor and good friend. You will be remembered and missed.

  5. Sandra Natale Balme
    Sandra Natale Balme says:

    Sending heartfelt condolences to Ray’s family during this difficult time. Ray has been best friends with my brother Mario for what seems like a lifetime and whenever either one of them needed something the other one was there to help out. Ray will be remembered for his kind heart and giving nature. When we lost our mother suddenly, Ray was right there insisting that he be a pallbearer which meant a lot to us. Ray will be missed by Steve and especially by Mario who loved him like a brother. Ray we pray that you have now found your peace.

  6. Kelly Jefferson
    Kelly Jefferson says:

    Oh Ray I’m at a loss for words I thought you would live forever. I met you at 14 and you fast became my best friend for 7 years until we become a couple. The parents to our Becca. She is the best part of us both. I see you in her and Kash every time I look at them. I never stopped loving you and that’s why we were still friends even now. I hate that life and addiction separated us. I will always be proud of what we did together and we will both keep your name and spirit alive. Goodbye for now Ray but I will see you in heaven someday. I’ll always love you.

  7. Darlene
    Darlene says:

    You have no idea how much you were loved and how much we miss you!! My heart is shattered in a million pieces. I will do my best brother. Rest easy. I love you to the moon and back a million times over, your little sister Darlene.

  8. Jamie Metlin
    Jamie Metlin says:

    Our deepest condolences to the Kneeshaw family in their time of sorrow. Please watch down on Rebecca and our beautiful grandkids. Xoxo Randy and Jamie Metlin

  9. Sarah pike
    Sarah pike says:

    So upset to hear about the tragic passing of Ray!!!! I have known Ray for over 30 years and when i think of Ray i only think of the good Ray….he had a heart of gold and would give you the shirt off his back if you asked him…so sorry that his light had burned out….but i lit one for him and his soul!! Love you Ray!!! Rest in peace!!


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