5 Meaningful Ways to Honor the Loving Memory of Your Dad

A dad is indeed a very strong anchor upon which his children stand. Thus, it is never easy to accept losing your father, especially if you are very close to each other. Whether you just finished his cremation services or he has long passed away, you will still feel bouts of melancholy from time to time. It is even more difficult during Father’s Day, his birthday, death anniversary, Christmas, or other holidays. But, after all, you will not be where you are today if not for this selfless man. 

Thus, even if the memorial and funeral songs have long been over, it is quite normal to feel grief and loss on certain occasions. In fact, you may even relive the same emotions you felt the day he died, no matter how much time has passed on. It is understandable to miss the person because your heart never stops loving him even if he is no longer with you. When moments like this hit, consider these five meaningful ways to honor the loving memory of your real-life hero. Indeed, your dad is like no other!


Show Respect by Visiting His Final Resting Place 

Paying a visit to your father’s final resting place is a great source of comfort because you somehow feel connected to him. It also shows that you respect his memory. Bring a comfy chair or even a blanket so you can hang out for a bit by his gravesite or the crematory niche where his ashes were interred. Bring flowers or any other token that he loves so you can place it nearby. 

Some people find it cathartic to talk to their father as if he is present. You can use it as an opportunity to tell him what’s happening in your life. However, if talking to a headstone makes you feel uncomfortable, you can play the conversation in your head. Your dad will undoubtedly know your heart’s desires. You can also bring other family members with you for support and comfort. 


Spend Time and Hangout With Loved Ones

You don’t need a special occasion to round up your family members for a quick chat. When you miss your dad, call your siblings to hang out for a quick coffee date, dinner, or even a Zoom call. No matter what you decide, use this as an opportunity to share memories about your dad. A walk down memory lane will make you guys happy while keeping your dad’s spirit alive at the same time.

Grief counselors say that those who are mourning can find comfort and solace by surrounding themselves with people who also love the deceased. Apart from sharing stories, you can:

  • Share your dad’s favorite dish
  • Listen to his playlist
  • Watch his favorite songs


Create a Photo Memory Book

Whether you pick traditional scrapbooking with real paper, scissors, and stickers or digital scrapbooking with your PC, making a photo book is an excellent way to memorialize the dearly departed. You can sift through real, old photo albums and smile at the onslaught of fond memories. Alternatively, you can look through his digital photos and social media profiles to look at his gallery. 

Though this is something you can do by yourself, it will feel much more comforting to do this activity with your siblings or even your own children. In fact, they may even have their own collection of fun photos with your dad that you may not have seen yet. As you make the photo book, you can share stories about the pictures. Besides, using your hands and mind to create something will distract you from your grief. This creative project is a truly healing endeavor that can help you find closure. 


Engage in an Activity Dad Once Enjoyed

Most dads are creatures of habit. They have favorite hobbies, sports, and restaurants. If he enjoyed outdoor activities like camping, you might want to take a break by going on one with your family. It will make you feel closer to your dad and remind you of the good times you once shared. 

Even going to his favorite restaurant will have the same effect. There is always a place or an activity that will help you remember your father. Doing this helps keep his spirit alive while helping you recall those good times and the unique bond you shared.


Write Him a Poignant Letter

Put your strong emotions into words by writing a letter to your father. This is an excellent way to honor his memory. Apart from that, it is therapeutic to release your feelings. Letting go of what’s in your heart and mind can help you unburden yourself from the stress, grief, and dark emotions you feel. 

You can write this using traditional pen and paper. It can be very healing to engage your senses. Another alternative is typing on your computer or drafting a letter in your mobile device notes app. Release it all and tell your dad how much he meant to you. Tell him what you loved about him and thank him for everything that he has done for you. 


Final Wrap Up

Remember, there is no right or wrong way to honor your dad’s memory. It all depends on how you are feeling. Coping with the death of a loved one is a very personal journey that only you can define. It can be as unique as your special relationship with him.