Is a Cremation Vault Important?

Basic cremation is becoming a common option when it comes to funerals today. Because this process is cheaper, more people tend to choose it over the traditional burial. But there are still a few details that people do not know about cremation.

Most of you may only know that the ashes will be kept in an urn which will be stored in the house or be scattered in some other places. But did you know that you can still have a semi-traditional burial by burying the cremated ashes of your loved one in the cemetery? Yes, this is definitely possible but you may need one item called the cremation vault.

  • The cremation vault is a box that can be made of numerous types of materials. It is being used to house the urn containing the cremated ashes of your loved one. In some areas of the world, these are called burial vaults because they will be buried under the ground just like the traditional process.
  • Most, if not all cemeteries are now requiring the use of a cremation vault if the family decides to bury the ashes under the ground. The city health offices have already reiterated the importance of containing the ashes into a sealed container so that it will not mix in with the soil. Cemeteries also oblige the use of a cremation vault so that the ashes of your loved one will not be soaked in case there will be rains in the cemetery grounds. Since heavy equipment will be used by cemeteries to dig out new plots for future burials, the cremation vault will also help protect the cremation urns inside.
  • You can choose from a variety of materials depending on your budget. There are vaults made out of marble and stone but there are also those cheaper alternatives that are made out of durable plastic.