How Cremation Ashes are Turned into Gems

cremation jewelryWearing cremation jewelry that conceals an urn where you can place a speck of ash from your loved one is an option that many families have embraced. Those that have aversion to carrying actual ashes can still integrate the remains into wearable jewelry in the form of a diamond or a gemstone.

If you add the cost of turning cremated ashes into gems to your cremation costs, the amount can be a little steep. Heating the carbon in ashes into graphite before converting it into sparkling diamonds, after all, requires a good balance of technology and artisan skills. A more inexpensive alternative is the infusion of another material like aluminum oxide, among others, into the ashes and processing them into synthetic stones that can be set on gold or any metal of your choice. The latter can mimic the characteristics of certain gems like sapphire so no one would be able to detect that they originated from ashes. Intricate as the processing of stones are, the companies behind them are dedicated to making quality pieces that can allow you to keep your loved one with you wherever you go and pass on the stones to the next generation.