What to Give as Sympathy Gifts to Families Opting for Cremation

cremation servicesCremation services may differ to the regular burial services in the sense that the body is not anymore encased in a casket. If the family has chosen to hold a memorial service, you can still offer to send a flower arrangement unless this is frowned upon by their religious beliefs or declined by the family for personal reasons. Fruit and food baskets are also appropriate as long as the family is not Buddhist. Condolence cards with thoughtful messages as well as donations in the name of the one who passed are also good options.

If you are especially close to the family left behind, you can help comfort them in their grief and ease their expenses a bit by giving cremation urns or keepsakes as sympathy presents. You can be sure that they will be purchasing these items anyway because they need vessels to contain the ashes. With the many designs and sizes available today, you can even pick a theme that represents the deceased’s hobby or interest. Customizing the urns with the name of the deceased and the years of his birth and death is one added touch that is sure to be welcomed.

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