How To Heal Yourself From Your Recent Grief And Loss

No two people will handle grief and loss in the same way because it largely depends on a person’s make up and character. Grief takes so many different forms, colors and textures. Sometimes a grieving person cries, feels guilty or angry and manifests abnormal behavior at different times and then comes back to his normal ways after just a few days, and then repeats the same cycle once more. This underlines the importance of healing from grief and loss. If someone you love dearly has recently passed away, you need the healing strategies described in this article to help you get back to your normal ways without delay.

Remember That This Too Will Pass
There is one great teaching in one of the eastern religions that says everything that comes into being will also go out of being. That means, the emotions related to your grief and loss, though they may be very intense at this time, will also pass away. There’s another proverb that says time heals, and certainly, with the passing of days, you will be able to take whatever loss you are feeling now. Give yourself ample time to grieve and you will find that it will naturally heal your grief and loss as the days and weeks pass by.

Seek Support
You may be tempted to just be on your own at this time. However, this is not the time to isolate yourself from the outside world. This is the time that you will really need the help of your closest family member or friend. While you are grieving the loss of a loved one, there is a greater chance that you might not think straight. Therefore, you need to link your mind to someone who is more sober than you are right now. Your interaction with a close relative or a close friend will serve as reminder that there are more positive things out there even though it seems your world is too gloomy at the moment.

Accept The Fact
You need to accept the fact that you have lost a loved one. It will not make so much of a difference whether your grieving is prolonged, as he or she will no longer be here. When you have given yourself enough time to grieve, it is time to move on. There is also no point in blaming yourself for what happened. You need to also accept the fact that you don’t have a crystal ball to help you see the future. In other words, you really don’t know what will happen. So, try to do the best you can right now, and leave everything “in the hands of the Lord,” as the religious always say.

Don’t Forget To Take Care Of Yourself
You will be tempted to just forget about yourself in your time of grief. When you are grieving, it will be natural for you to lose your appetite, have sleepless nights and generally neglect your health. Though it may be difficult at this time, you should take care of your health. After some sleepless nights, force yourself to go to sleep for a full eight hours non-stop. Your body needs rest especially during these times when you are suffering a lot of stress. You will also need to eat the most nutritious foods that you can get your hands on. This is not the time to munch on junk food from the fast food restaurants. Strive to eat whole grain foods, organic fruits and vegetables and fresh juices, not the soda ones. If you can, give your body some moderate exercises to keep your blood and energies flowing.

Know When You Need To Seek Professional Help
Suppose you have observed and diligently practiced all of the above and still you have that nagging feeling of grief and loss. Perhaps it’s about time you seek professional help. Here are some clues that will tell you if you need such help:
You are isolating yourself from family and friends even after some time
Your feelings of sadness is not subsiding
You are feeling more hopeless
It seems the coping strategies are not working
Your grief does not come in waves but is always present
You are thinking of ending your life

If you still have these emotions after you have given yourself enough time to heal your grief and loss, then it’s about time for you to really seek professional help. However, it is more than likely that time will heal your emotions and you might not manifest any of these symptoms.