Amanatidis, Helen

For as long as I can remember, my grandfather always use to say (actually still does) “you only get one mother”. Isn’t that the truth? I have a really amazing mother and I refuse to say that statement in the past tense because my mother Helen Amanatidis, will always be my mother regardless of where is she is – or where she is not.


I have always been a firm believer in the connection between souls and because of that belief although my mother is no longer physically with me, her soul will always and forever eternally be by my side and by my grandfathers’. Her body may be gone and I will forever miss her physical beauty but the beauty of her soul remains with me and with all of us in a very powerful, unexplainable way.


I never ever thought that I’d be one day writing my own mother’s obituary, however unfortunately sometimes in life we must do things that are far from favourable – this being one of them. I must mention that I have never before written an obituary and this may not be a very “traditional” format but it is a unique one, and if my mother was anything at all – she was unique.


My mother was the realest, most genuine woman I have ever met in my life. She is my best friend and I have always loved her funny, great sense of humour. She was the epidemy of caring, empathetic & sympathetic. Of course always organized & particular in her ways, strong willed and highly motivated.


She is my inspiration and my role model. I always told her I wanted to be just like her and she would always answer me “I want you to be better than me.” She was a fighter when she needed to be and yet a lover. She was a very special woman in all her own ways. She was extremely supportive, a great listener and of course for all of us who really knew her – also a great talker (that part’s definitely hereditary)!


She was a very giving person, admirably loyal to her family, friends, employers over the years and her co workers. She was notorious for being a hard worker her whole life, determined, and emotional (sad, meaningful movies with strong morals were her absolute favourite), I never quite could understand why.



Although I could go on for hours on end with adjectives to describe what a one of a kind woman and mother she was, I will leave it at mentioning one more. My mother was always very informative, the one person that I can say I am honoured to have learned from. She always told me that “knowledge is power and that no one can take my knowledge away from me.” My whole life she was metaphorically teaching me “how to fish rather than just hand me a fish so I could eat for more than a day”. She taught me and helped me put the tools in my tool box of life that I may one day need. However, the only thing my mother never taught me was how to live without her and that will be one of the hardest parts of my journey in life moving forwards. She guided me through the ups and downs of life and never left my side even in moments when I felt I didn’t deserve her support, she effortlessly still gave it to me with all the love in her heart.


My mother loved. She taught me how to love unconditionally. The only true form of unconditional love I have really, truly recognized and lived is the love my mother and I have for each other and that kind of love lives on with no end. She loved our family, our relatives, her closest friends and some of the friends that she had unfortunately lost touch with over the years due to “life happening”.  She would always tell me stories of her friends from years before and she would light up each time she reminisced about each one.


Although my mom and I both love to write and talk, I know she would have wished for me to keep this as “short, simple, sweet as possible and to the point” (as sometimes less is more).


She is a hero of a mother to me and my best friend, a loving and beyond words devoted daughter to her mother and father, a solid true friend to others, an asset to any company she ever worked for and overall a blessing of a woman to have ever crossed anyone’s’ path.


My mother is by Gods’ side watching over us smiling upon us. Please take her with you in your hearts and I know that she will always remain truly unforgettable. Rest in peace mommy.


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  1. Bernie Delaney
    Bernie Delaney says:

    I cant beleive im reading this i know its very late but i was truly unaware of this tragedy Tess i am from the bottom of my soul so sorry to hear about this today as i am writing something came over me and said to google your mothers name to see if i could find out how you both were and unfortunately i came across this my heart aches for you and please know that

  2. Marie Crouse
    Marie Crouse says:

    Tessa – I am so very sorry to hear of your mom’s passing. I have been thinking about her for some time now and have searched the internet many times trying to find her. I I had the pleasure of working with her at McCain Foods and visited you both in your home in Waterville, NB. She was always welcoming and willing to listen. Her mission in life was to make people laugh and she did that with ease.

  3. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    Dearest Tessie,
    We are a couple of long lost friends that life kind of got in the way of. From the moment I met your mom we instantly had a great connection and from that meeting day forward for many many years we became inseparable. You and our daughter Jessica also became best friends and our weekends were always planned with getting together. I loved your mom so very much! She was funny, intelligent, super organized (especially with her shoes), and full of fun, in fact I remember the words I used to describe her when she stepped into our home for the very first time it was like a ‘whirlwind’ hit. Years later we would laugh while reminiscing that day. We are so shocked and sorry to hear this news and send our deepest most heartfelt condolences to you and your Bapu. Take comfort to know that your mom is never too far away from you and that the strongest connection between mother and daughter is forever lasting. Your mom will always be proud of you. With love, Jennifer and Vasos (Jen and Vaz)

  4. Sophie
    Sophie says:

    Very moving obituary Tessie: this is the wonderful Helen that I remember, and that I lost track of, life taking us on different paths. May she rest in peace. My deepest sympathies to you and family.

  5. MB
    MB says:

    Deeply sorry for your loss. A loved one lost can grieve the heart and make us yearn for tomorrow, when God will keep the promise he made of “no more pain, no death, no sorrow”~Revelation 21:4.

  6. Josie
    Josie says:

    Dear Tess may God give you peace and strength.
    Your mim’s memory will always live on. She was always a carefree and adventurous loving person.
    Though she came back to me briefly our friendship will live on forever. I miss her so! Xoxo

  7. Margot Taylor/Alex Nwaokolo
    Margot Taylor/Alex Nwaokolo says:

    Tessie such a beautiful tribute to your mom. Once someone got beyond her sometimes tough exterior (lol), was a beautiful, warm, loving human being. We laughed and cried together many times over her journey. Alex and I loved her so much and she will dearly be missed. Stay strong honey, with Grandpa, keep her memory alive just as she would have taught you. You’re right … not here in the physical world .. but always with you, Grandpa and all her loved ones in spirit … very comforting. Love you honey … take care. Kisses

  8. Erica Seibert
    Erica Seibert says:

    My deepest sympathies to you and your family at this difficult time. Take care of each other and God bless.

  9. Janet Hague
    Janet Hague says:

    Although I know knew Helen briefly at Emterra, she was always larger than life with everything she did and had the biggest smile for everyone. My deepest sympathies to you, her family, at this time.


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