Doodo Sammy

On January 19/21, our beloved, Sister, Wife, Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother Doodo Sammy(Mahiroon Jugoon) passed away peacefully at Credit Valley Hospital. She is survived from her husband Charles Sammy, her three children, Susan, Azard and Molly. Doodo also had nine grandchildren and fourteen great grandchildren. She was born on June 5th 1945, in the town of Ragoo Village, Debe in Trinidad and Tobago.
Doodo was one of eight siblings. Doodo met her husband Charles while working at the estate farms in Trinidad. They were married a short time later and had three children. Charles and Doodo came to Canada in the early 1970’s to obtain better opportunities for their family. After living in Canada for two years, Doodo was invited to attend a church service, where she decided to give her life to the Lord, Jesus. Doodo has since been a Pilar in the church community and will be greatly missed by her family and friends.
Please join us in remembering our beloved Dood Sammy.
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