Donna Summer: A Quick look at her Life

donna summer funeralA lot of people especially those that are into music has a clear picture of who Donna Summer was – a great singer who had made disco such a big hit during the peak of her career in the 1970s. The singer was battling cancer for several years and finally at the age of 63, her struggles with the disease ended.

The funeral service was held in Nashville. There were no cameras or media that were allowed inside the service but according to press releases, almost one thousand close friends and families witness the event. One of the funeral songs played during the service was ‘The Prayer’ and it was performed by Natalie Grant and David Foster.

The career of Donna Summer started in the 1920s. She didn’t get to become famous right away. She started off as a backup singer. She worked hard to become a big name in the music industry and her first ever hit came in the year 1976. The song was entitled ‘Love to Love you Baby’ and it even took the number 2 spot in the Billboard Charts.

A few more songs were released by Summer in the 1970s and all of them were hits. This is why she was crowned as the diva that made a new meaning to disco. Among her hits were Hot Stuff and Last Dance which are still very much played on air by different radio stations up until today. Even if other artists and bands also debuted in the same years as her, she still stood out among the rest due to her soulful songs.

As the years went by, she made new songs and she even went into acting. Her career was at its peak when she started winning Grammy Awards. She got 5 Grammys in total. Now that she’s gone, fellow artists in the industry have mourned and are saddened because of the loss of another important person in the music world. Based on reports, the bereaved family of Donna Summer opted for her body to be buried rather than undergo basic cremation.