Cremation Payments for People with no Insurance

Pre Planning CremationsMost people today are choosing to arrange their funerals even when they are still alive. This pre-arrangement of funeral plans is actually a very good idea because the last thing that you want to do is to add burden to your families when you die.

These funeral plans would include the type of burial that you would want to have, or the cremation services that you would like to get. The funeral company will also be determined. In some plans, even the flowers and the caskets are included in the declaration.

But not everyone will be able to have a funeral plan. This leaves the family responsible for all the payments and funeral arrangements. For those families who are really struggling and could not afford to pay for the cremation of their deceased loved one, there are certain steps that you can do to ask for assistance.

 You can contact the office of their county to ask for aid for the cremation. If the county will determine that your family income would really not be enough to cover payments, then they will provide cremation assistance.

 Aside from contacting your local county, you can also approach an officer from the Social Security Administration. There is usually a death benefit that can be given to the spouse or the child of the deceased. But this benefit will only be given if the deceased loved one will be able to meet the criteria of the administration.

 If you are having a hard time looking for funds, then you can get in touch with non-profit organizations in your area especially the memorial societies because they usually give useful pieces of advice. They can even suggest places to go to for help.

 You can also approach your state’s medical plan facility to inquire if the deceased had an allotted funding for basic cremation.

 One of the best things to do during this time is to approach other families and friends and tell them about your situation. They can donate money and some might be willing to shoulder certain payments in the funeral service like the flowers and the urn.