Do You Want Your Ashes to Sing?

VINYL RECORDAcross the pond, a company is taking cremation services to new heights. Or rather, to the turntables. You can now have your own vinyl record with your choice of songs and a few bits of your ashes embedded therein, to boot. This highly personalized item will require you to start the arrangement before you pass away. This way, you can have a say on what to put into the vinyl record. After you are gone, a trusted or assigned person can send some of your ashes back to them for the embedding.

The Price for a Song

Incorporating your ashes into a vinyl record comes extra. True, you may be saving on cremation costs since cremation still tends to be less expensive than a burial, but this service will set you back a few grand. On top of that, you will have travel expenses to consider. However, for music lovers and those who grew up on vinyl records, this idea touches a chord in them. If you want to leave a few good tunes with your family in  a vinyl that skips a bit, courtesy of your ashes, then this keepsake is for you.