3 Things to Eliminate to Save on Cremation Costs

creamtion services mississaugaThe dismal state of today’s economy has constrained many people to consider having cremation services rather than a burial. Even with this less expensive option, families that are undergoing financial hardship are still looking for ways to cut down the bottom figure.

1. Embalming

Regardless of what you believe in or what anyone has told you, embalming the body is generally not mandated by law in many areas. Having the body directly cremation will knock off  the price of embalming from the package.

2. Viewing Time

Another way to cut down on cremation costs is to do away with the usual viewing days at the funeral home. Since you are not embalming the body, keeping it from decaying fast will entail refrigeration and the expense that goes with it. A better option is to just hold a small memorial in a church with your loved one in a cremation urn.

3. Burial Vaults

Opting for an in-ground plot or a vault will add to the cremation costs. Instead of burying the ashes, you can scatter it in your backyard or at any place that is meaningful to your loved one. As long as you have permission to do this, scattering the ashes is free.


Source: Finalarrangementsnetwork.com