Cory Monteith of the hit show ‘Glee’ dies at 31

cory-monteith-300x400One of the most shocking news that broke the headlines recently was the death of a very promising actor, Cory Monteith.

Monteith was one of the pioneer cast members of the hit television series ‘Glee’ that talks about the common struggles of teens in their high school years. Because of his character in the show, many fans fell in love with him through his charm and his musical capabilities. Ever since his death, fans have offered funeral poems and songs in honor of him. Cory Monteith was 31 years old in real life although he played a high school teenager on the show.

Monteith died in a hotel in Vancouver, Canada last July 13, 2013. His death was much unexpected especially because he was still slated to go into production a few weeks later for the next season of the show. An autopsy was conducted last and the toxicology reports show that the cause of his death was a deadly concoction of the drug heroine and alcohol. Outside the show, Monteith actually had known problems with substance abuse even before his showbiz breakout. He even just got out of rehab where he checked in last March of this year.

Aside from his family and his co-stars, the spotlight right now is also focused on Lea Michelle who is Cory Monteith’s real life girlfriend. Lea Michelle also played the role of Monteith’s love interest in the show. They were rumoured to be planning on their wedding.

Now that Monteith is dead, fans are devastated for the loss of a wonderful blossoming relationship between the two stars. Monteith’s body went through basic cremation following the autopsy. Friends and close family members have gathered to say their final goodbyes to the promising actor too.

He will be remembered by fans because of his great portrayal of his role on ‘Glee’ and he will be memorialized by his friends and co-stars as a great friend and companion.