3 Easy-to-Remember Items Needed in Cremation Memorials

memorial serviceIf you have opted to avail of a packaged cremation services, check whether or not the items below are included. Otherwise, you may have to plan for them so you and your family can give honor to your loved one and allow others to do the same.

  1. Venue. The use of the funeral home’s chapel may be included in the cremation costs so you need not worry about this item. However, if the deceased had specifically instructed for a different location like a favorite church or familiar restaurant, you may have to contact the place for their availability and pricing. A private memorial in your home is also a good alternative.
  2. Minister. Whatever your loved one’s religious affiliation is, there is bound to be someone who is charged to and is familiar with conducting a proper memorial for someone belonging to their church. This person can be your ally in arranging for the proper order of activities, appropriate songs, if needed, and other details that have to be done during the memorial.
  3. Announcements. Be sure to let everyone in the deceased’s life be informed of the memorial date, venue, time, and other special requests, if any.

Source: https://www.ehow.com/how_7788469_plan-cremation-memorial-service.html