How to Cope with Loss and Cremation of a Child

cremation urnWhen you experience the loss of a young child, whether your own or belonging to someone close you you, and have been present throughout their cremation services, you will soon find that the industry is generally tailored for an adult’s size, tastes, and budget. True, there are smaller caskets available and special pricing for children, especially since they require less space and less time to be turned into ashes, but these options are few. Understandably, children are still expected to grow into adulthood and early deaths are often not expected. To somehow console parents, who opted to have their child cremated, in their grief, there are plenty of cremation urns with child-related themes like building blocks and toys.

If you want a more discreet and somewhat unconventional way to store your child’s remains, you can look into a stuffed teddy bear that conceals a zippered sack or compartment. In displaying this in your home, no one would suspect that it holds a significant part of you. Being a plush toy, it will always give you so much warm memories of your little one.