2012-2013 Women’s Health and Wellbeing Speaker Series

2012-2013 Women’s Health and Wellbeing Speaker SeriesThe 2012 – 2013 Women’s Health and Wellbeing Speaker Series are a group of conferences that focus on special aspects of the health of women to promote higher understanding of health and overall wellbeing.

One leg of this speaker series will be held on March 13, 2013 and it will be spearheaded by Dr. Lisa Steto Nielsen. The main topic that Dr. Nielsen will cover will be “Dying at Home: the normalization and silencing of women’s caregiving roles in Palliative Care”.

Dr. Nielsen has researched a lot about palliative and home care and she will be the best speaker who can talk about death and dying at home. With the help of this talk, women can now understand the phases of death but they will also be able to know the importance of caring for the people with end-stage illnesses through palliative care. During this phase, it will now be important for the family to talk about plans for basic cremation services, funeral plans, and preparing the will.

The venue for this talk by Dr. Lisa Steto Nielsen for the speaker series will be at the York University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. An RSVP or a pre-registration will be needed to be able to attend the event.

Families of individuals who are dealing with terminal illnesses should be aware of how to care for their family member properly. Since the illness is already in its terminal or final stages, palliative care and not treatment is the most appropriate approach that should be used.

It must be asserted that the comfort of the patient is the priority and their requests be granted. This also raises the questions about pre-planning for the cremation services and establishing a will while they are still alive.

Dr. Nielsen’s experiences in research about palliative care and dying will surely be beneficial in delivering practical lessons to the attendees.