HERMON, Margaret Rose

Peacefully after a lengthy illness at home surrounded by her loving family. Dearest Mother of Elizabeth, Ean, Eugene. Proud grandmother of 8 Grandchildren. Friends may call at St. Johns Dixie Visitation Centre, 737 Dundas St. E (Dundas & Cawthra) in Mississauga, on Tuesday from 6-9 pm. A Funeral Mass will be celebrated on Wednesday November 21, 2012 at St. Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Church, 5650 Mavis Rd. ( Mavis & Matheson) in Mississauga. at 10 a.m. Interment to follow at Assumption Catholic Cemetery. (Derry & Tomken), in Mississauga.

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  1. Jennifer Godinho
    Jennifer Godinho says:

    Dear Liz, Rennel & Seth,
    I’m Sherene’s sister from Perth Australia. Heard from Sherene of the sad demise of your mother. Please accept my heart felt condolences. My prayers will continue for her soul and for your family. May God give you the strength to bear the sad loss.
    God bless you all.

  2. Ben & Geri
    Ben & Geri says:

    Dear Liz, Rennel & Seth,
    Please accept our sincere condolences for your mum’s loss. She had a wonderful personality and beautiful smile 🙂
    May her soul rest in peace.

    Ben & Geri

  3. Coral Bernard
    Coral Bernard says:

    Dear Liz, Rennel and Seth,
    I’m very sorry to hear the loss of your mom. My heartfelt condolence to you, Rennel and Seth.
    She was very dear to Sherene and I’m sure Sherene, Ryan and Chris will miss her. Sherene always kept us informed of her health.
    Margaret will be in my prayers.
    God Bless all of you.
    Love and Prayers

  4. Cutinhas & McBains
    Cutinhas & McBains says:

    A lovely lady so sweet
    A childlike demeanor she’d keep
    Loved by all who had a chance to meet
    We will miss you Aunt Margaret
    But in our hearts forever you will always live

  5. Veena Pinto
    Veena Pinto says:

    Dear Liz, Rennel and Seth,

    Please accept our sincere condolences on the loss of your dear Mum. May our Lord give you the strength to endure this loss. May her soul rest in peace.

    With regards and prayers

    Vincent, Veena, Tanya and Trevor

  6. Paul and Eleanor Eickman
    Paul and Eleanor Eickman says:

    Liz, Rennel & Seth,
    Accept our hearlfelt sympathies on your loss. we loved Mom too and will miss her. She is in our thoughts and prayers. May she rest in Peace. She was a brave soul.

  7. Arlene bernard
    Arlene bernard says:

    Dearest Liz,Rennel & Seth,
    I was very sad to hear about Margaret.
    Please do accept my heartfelt condolences.May God give you all the strength to face this great loss.May her soul rest in peace.
    lots of love & Prayers.
    Arlene Bernard.

  8. Marie Monis
    Marie Monis says:

    Dear Liz, Rennel, Ean & Eugene,

    Please accept our sincere condolence. May God grant her eternal
    peace and may He also give you & your family strength in this time of sorrow.
    I know how much you will miss Mama. We all will. But I know you will remember the many blessings of the beautiful years you shared together. She loved you so and you were always a source of strength to her. I remember your tremendous devotion during her illness as my brother Basil always mentioned. I know how difficult this must be for you. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Aunty was such a kind, gentle soul. She would do anything to help someone in need.
    Liz, perhaps you could use your special talent of scrapbooking to make a lasting memory book of mummy.
    May God bless you and your family during this time and always.

    With lots of love
    Aunty Stella, Roman & Marie

  9. Aliya Kermali
    Aliya Kermali says:

    Dear Elizabeth, Ean, Eugene and Families,

    We are so sorry for your loss. Please accept our heartfelt condolences. We pray that her soul may rest in peace.

    We were so blessed and honoured that Margaret was able to attend our wedding. Thank you Liz and Rennel for surprising us with her presence. It meant alot to both and Azim and I that all of you were able to celebrate with us. She is an amazing person; so kind, sweet, funny and generous (from the stories Azim tells me). I’m sad that i wasn’t able to get to know her better.

    Please let us know if there is anything that we can do for you.

    Our prayers are with you and your families during this difficult time.

    Aliya & Azim Kermali

  10. Ann Roy
    Ann Roy says:

    Dearest Liz, Rennel & Seth:
    Our heartfelt condolences on the passing of your loving Mum & Grandmother. May her soul rest in eternal peace.
    She has left a great impression in each ones heart. We cannot undo her loss, but cherish the memories and feel her presence in our lives. Parting is always hurting and no words can take away that pain. The missing feeling is your heart’s way of reminding you that you love her so much. Like the saying ‎”A mother holds her children’s hands for a while…and their hearts forever”.
    The comforting thing is that she is in a place where there is no pain or sorrows. Those who know Mom will always cherish her memory forever.
    May God give strength to the family to get through this difficult time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this time of mourning.
    God Bless each of you now and always.
    Ann & Roy

  11. Shamim Parvana
    Shamim Parvana says:

    Dear Liz, Ean, Eugene and kids

    My heartfelt condolences on the passing of your loving mum & grandmother, I have known your mother for last 30 years since we were in Dubai/Abu Dhabi. She was a very nice and humble lady, down to earth. Polite and quiet person, never complaining of what she went through her sickness. We will miss her as much as you will Liz.

    We pray to Almighty God to bless her kind and gentle soul. May she rest in peace and tranquility. We also pray to the Almighty God to grant you, your families the strength and patience to deal with this tragic loss of your dear mother.

    Please let me know if we can help you in anyway during this difficult period.

    Shamim, Ramzan, Neelam and Zainab Parvana

  12. Noble Robson
    Noble Robson says:

    Dearest Liz, Rennel & Seth,

    Just this note to express our heartfelt condolences on the passing of your loving Mum & Grandmother, Margaret Rose Hermon. We sincerely share this sadness in your time of grief and She will be sorely missed by all.
    The world is not the same, since it is now bereft of one brave & courageous lady. We were extremely fortunate to know Her, and She always exuded poise & grace to the fullest, even in the gravest of circumstances. As we have personally experienced recently, even in Her moment of extreme pain & suffering, She only conveyed expressions of true & genuine love – this will remain etched in our hearts forever!

    With Lots of Love, and again in grief,

    Geraldine, Noble, Deryn & Donovan

  13. Diana Daver
    Diana Daver says:

    Dearest Liz, Rennel and Seth,

    Our deepest sympathies on the passing of Aunty Margaret. We are blessed to have had her in our lives and she will be dearly missed . Although no words can ease the loss you feel, please just know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.

    With you in grief,

    Porus, Diana, Urvaksh and Sarosh.

  14. Sailesh Shankar
    Sailesh Shankar says:

    Seriously, Iron Lady should be a movie made for you Aunty Margaret Hermon, not Margaret Thatcher or may be its a quality for all Margaret’s’.

    One thing, i could never fathom to date is, you have met my parents during their visit once to Canada. But you never ever missed once asking about them every time we met, which is practically every week. Despite all the pain you went through, fading memory, you remembered to ask every time you saw me.

    Last but not the least…i guess the magic of green rice and curry now rests with you.

    We will miss you Aunty. We pray for your soul to rest in peace!

  15. Rose Sarvaria
    Rose Sarvaria says:

    Dearest Liz, Rennel and Seth
    Our deepest sympathy to your family. We have always known Aunty Margaret to be a very kind and gentle person – always with smile on her face. She is now with the Lord, peaceful and free from all pain. May the Lord give you strength to bear this loss.

    With love
    Vijay Rose Nicole Rebecca

  16. Sandra, Dwayne, Micheal, Doreen & Chris
    Sandra, Dwayne, Micheal, Doreen & Chris says:

    This is dedicated to our loving Aunty and very dear family friend Margaret Hermon.

    I thought I saw her face today
    In the sparkle of the morning sun.
    And then I heard the angel say
    “Her work on earth is done.”

    I thought I heard her voice today
    Then laugh her hearty laugh.
    And then I heard the angel say
    “There’s peace little one at last.”

    I thought I felt her touch today
    In the breeze that rustled by.
    And then I heard the angel say
    “Her spirit wiil never die.”

    I thought that she had left us
    For the stars so far above.
    And then I heard the angel say
    “She left us with her love.”

    I thought that we would miss her
    And never find our way.
    And then I heard the angel say
    “She’s with us every day.”

    I first met Aunty Margaret when I was 13. As I observed this wonderful, soft spoken lady with a kind and gentle spirit, I experienced the love of God through her. I knew at once that there was something different about her and I drew close to her knowing always that I could trust my heart with her. As I continued to get to know her, I saw a lot of different sides of her, a loyal and loving mother, a brave and courageous women, a women of strong faith and trust in God and an encouraging friend. She was my mum’s best friend and very dear to our family. Even in her last days – she exhibited such strength and grace in her illness that one could hardly tell how truly hard it was for her. Today we have the assurance that she is with the Lord not just because she is a Christian but because she applied those priniciples by walking them out in her daily life and displaying the love of Jesus to everyone that she met. I say “She is” because “She truly lives in Spirit in Heaven and on Earth through her memories with all of us who love her very dearly.” Aunty Margaret – May you Spirit sour in the Heavens with Jesus and all the heavenly hosts” until we meet again. we love you! ————————-Sandy Weppler

  17. Arun & Renuka D'Souza
    Arun & Renuka D'Souza says:

    Dearest Liz, Rennel & Seth,

    Our deepest sympathies go to you and your family in your time of sorrow. A. Margaret was a kind and gentle person, always smiling despite what she was going through. You have an angel in heaven to intercede for you and you can be sure she will watch over you always.

    Lots of love,
    Brooklyn, Kaitlin, Arun & Renuka

  18. Bernadette Fernandes
    Bernadette Fernandes says:

    Dear Liz, Ean, Eugene & the rest of the family,
    Our deepest sympathies on the passing of A/Margaret. It brings back so many memories of all the trips back home.
    Fond Regards,
    Conrad, Crystal, Bradley, Samantha & Bunu

  19. Sanjay & Moreska Malik
    Sanjay & Moreska Malik says:

    Dearest Liz, Rennel and Seth:
    Aunty Margaret has been a “Mom” to our family. She has been such an inspiration to us. Her presence in our lives will always be remembered with happiness.
    With hearts filled with sorrow, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time.
    Lots of love,
    Sanjay, Moreska, Karan and Aditya

  20. Tasneem and Taher Khairulla
    Tasneem and Taher Khairulla says:

    Dear Liz, REnnel and Seth,
    Our heartfelt and deepest condolences. May God rest Aunty Margaret’s soul in peace and may He give you and your family the strength to find comfort and peace in her loving memory. It was an honour to know Aunty, she was such a wondeful person

  21. Jackie Schneider
    Jackie Schneider says:

    Dear Liz, Rennel and Seth and
    My deepest condolences. Your Mum fought a hard battle and managed to stay alive so much longer than many do. May she find peace and happiness in the afterlife and may you find comfort in the love she had for you in this life and the long years you did have with her.
    May you be blessed with the warmth of God’s love in your darkest moments.
    With love,

  22. Terry and Charmaine Alweyn
    Terry and Charmaine Alweyn says:

    Dearest Liz,Rennel & Seth
    A’Margaret was a beautiful person, inside and out. She is certainly in the arms of her creator.
    Charmaine,Terry & Stacey

  23. Nelson D'Souza
    Nelson D'Souza says:

    Dearest Liz, Rennel & Seth,
    May God pour out his abundant Grace upon you to bear the loss of Aunty Margaret. We remember Aunty Margaret as a kind gentle woman she has always been, even sickness could not take that away. We pray for her soul, that our Lord in his abundant mercy will grant her enternal life in his Holy Presence.
    Vivian, Falon, Liam & Nelson

  24. Amin Kermali
    Amin Kermali says:

    Dear Elizabeth, Ean, Eugene and kids

    Please accept our sincerest condolences on the sad news of your mother’s passing away.

    We pray to the Lord Almighty to bless her kind and gentle soul. May she rest in peace and tranquility. We also pray to the Lord Almighty to grant you, your families and Margaret’s friends the strength and patience to deal with this tragic loss of a dear life.

    I had the good pleasure of knowing Margaret through my parents as she worked with my father in Dubai. I will never forget her kindness, warmth and generosity. I vividly remember (as if it was just yesterday) how she drove all the way from Sharjah to Dubai on our birthday (my twin brother and I) one year to catch us before we left for school so that she could wish us and give us our birthday gift (a board game called Quizzard, I think).

    I had the good fortune to meet her again after many years when I visited her in the hospital and during my brother’s wedding in July. I was so humbled and proud by the patience and grace she displayed despite being in such pain.

    We will miss her gentle smile and kind words.

    Please let us know if we can lend our support to you in any way.

    With warmest thoughts

    Amin and Shenaz Kermali


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